Down on the Farm . . .

Last weekend we joined up with one of our favorite families and took a drive up north to Warwick, New York.  We spent the day at Och's Farm and Orchard.  It was a gorgeous fall day and due to the apple festival going on in town it wasn't crowded.  : )

Megan and Cybele.

Me driving Jim around on the tractor.  : )

My handsome son Brendan.

We skipped over the pumpkins this time around and instead went for the apples.  They were all so beautiful and it was so hard to pick just a bag full.  I have to admit we all ate a few while we picked them which made room for some extra.  They were cold and crisp and juicy and YUMMY!!!!


We were very impressed to see that somebody came with their own peeler!!!  LOL!!!!  Now that's what I call being prepared!!!!!  : )

This is my friend's nephew Barry from Holland.  He's been coming to stay with them for the last couple of summers and we just love him.  It was his first time apple picking and really loved it.  He ate three apples to prove it!!!  : )

I have more photos to share but the long awaited season premiere of The Walking Dead is coming on in just a few minutes and I'm in charge of putting together the chips and dip this time around.  We've been waiting since March for the show to come back on.  If someone had told me a few years ago that I'd be addicted to a zombie show I'd have laughed in their face!!!  : )

Many blessings ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a great day out together, making some wonderful memories to treasure. I am a little ahead of you I have got apple pie filling and apple sauce all made ready in the freezer. I love this time of year with the Autumnal puddings, apple crumble, apple pie and apple cobbler. You didn't say what you are going to do with your pickings? Have a great week. Hopefully you have news on the house in your next post.

sage and spirit said...

We LOVE zombies! Especially with chips and dip! (We had tortilla chips and guacamole with our zombies.) It's been way too long since the last episode and Fear the Walking Dead just didn't do it for me. But my heroes of the apocalypse are back! ;)
Thanks for this post--it made me laugh out loud at our crazy zombie addictions.

http://goodmorningbeautyfull.blogspot.com/ said...

Ur baby girl is so beautiful

Shel said...

What gorgeous pictures! You couldn't have asked for a more glorious day! Love that they label what each type of apple is good for right on the trees! Oh, how I wish our favorite orchards did that too!

Happy autumn! xo

Angie said...

i have not watched any of the walking dead - i think our eldest lad does though, may be i should raid his hard drive and have a peek. I am all about Game of Thrones and Vikings at the moment (well that is when i have a spare me time moment ;) ) your photos here are lovely hun! the pumpkins in the field especially caught my eye! thank you for connecting with us. i am so looking forward to keeping up with your posts!
have a blessed day from all of us here in South Africa xxx

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