Trunk or Treating and Trick or Treating . . .

We tried our hand at "trunk or treating" for the first time last week.  If you're not familiar with this (we weren't until recently), it was created as a safer environment for kids to trick or treat in.  People open up the trunk or back of their cars and decorate them.  Compared to other trunks, ours was pretty lame.  Lol!!  Had we known they were giving out prizes for the best trunks and that people were so competitive we would've pulled out all the stops for sure. We're hoping Megan's new elementary school participates in "trunk or treating" so we can redeem ourselves next year and,  let me tell you,  we are not above hooking up a fog machine!!  : )

We also did our more traditional trick or treating on Halloween.  Megan was kind of a bust to walk around with.  She was raring to go in the beginning.  She and her little friend Michaela walked down our street and Megan crapped out before we even got to the cul-de-sac at the end of the block.  I felt so bad for Michaela but she was a trooper and took it all in stride.  I think Megan was hungry and tired and figured she had enough candy to last her for a while and that was good enough for her.  We said our goodbyes and Megan went inside and ate a big bowl of hot soup and watched Bubble Guppies and all was right with her world once again.  : )

So now it's on to a new month and the busy season of giving.  Now it's on to a new house and a new neighborhood.  We're hoping the stress will be kept to a minimum and it will be an easy transition.  I'm ready for it.  There's a possibility that we'll be moving this weekend.  Fingers crossed.  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Monday ~ Wendy


Shel said...

Trunk or Treat sounds like so much fun! Our church was talking about doing it this year but then decided that it would be better to wait till next year (as they thought of this idea only two weeks prior to Halloween). I hope they do it next year as it sounds like such fun!

Love the pictures, especially the one of the girls looking over their shoulders! So sweet!

Our girls decided to be something very unique for Halloween this year!

So exciting to end 2015 in a new home making new holiday memories! Can't wait to see pictures!

sage and spirit said...

What!? No fog machine?? While I have never heard of trunk or treating, I do love the way people go all out to decorate!

And the big move is nearly a reality! I'm wishing you a calm and stress-free transition.

Jen Kershner said...

Good luck to you! My Emma used to be a Halloween quitter but now she is pretty hard core! She was just a late bloomer!

Elizabeth said...

Goos luck in your new home!
What enchanting fries.
Hope a good time was had by all on Halloween.
We were in Italy where it is much more low key.