Come Walk With Me . . .

I wanted to post these photos for "Wordless Wednesday" yesterday but instead I spent the afternoon in Hobby Lobby.  Oh my goodness!!  I think I found a new favorite store!!

Here are the photos of our hike from last weekend's getaway that Jim and I took.  It truly was perfect weather for a walk in the woods.

 Being the corny couple that we are, we did indeed kiss in front of the Kissing Tree.  : )

Being the OBSESSED "The Walking Dead" fans that we are, we both of course commented that these were perfect "walker woods!!!"  Wouldn't you agree Mrs. Sage and Spirit ???  : )

We interrupted these two love birds that were hanging out at the heart-shaped pond.  It really was heart-shaped.  These Cove Haven people really thought of everything!!!

Perfect ending to a perfect walk in the woods!!  <3 br="">

I needed to revisit that serenity.  I have a crazy couple of days ahead.  I'm cooking dinner for a houseful on Easter Sunday which means cleaning and food shopping.  I haven't even done any Easter basket stuff shopping yet.  Megan has a birthday party smack dab in the middle of the afternoon today.  Did I mention the kids have been off from school this week.  UGGHH!!! AND my poor son Trevor has to be in a cast for another six weeks.  Before he broke his leg Christmas week, he broke a small bone in his foot while stepping out of a truck at work.  The stress of favoring that leg while the other leg healed caused the little break to not heal properly and the other day he was walking and felt a pop.  It was him re-breaking that little foot bone.  The doctor told him it's going to need surgery if he doesn't get it completely healed this time around so it's back in a cast for six weeks starting tomorrow.  This poor kid has broken bones in both his feet three times now and broken his leg all in the last six months.  Thank goodness he has a positive attitude.  : )

Trevor 19 years ago.  Can you stand it??  : )  I couldn't resist!!!

Happy Thursday all!!  ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a beautiful stroll and lots of lovely romantic moments together I'm sure. Poor Trevor, hope he heals properly this time around. He certainly was an adorable baby. Wishing you all a happy Easter.

sage and spirit said...

OMG they ARE walker woods!! We have it bad, don't we? The only thing Cove Haven didn't do was plant some "walkers" out there to pop out as you took your nature hike! Could you imagine??

Sending healing thoughts to Trevor. Poor guy.

Close your eyes, think back to the walk in the woods, and have a great Easter weekend!!

sarah said...

I'm sorry about your son's foot, I hope he makes a full recovery. Such lovely woods :-) Just perfect for strolling through with a camera.