At the Playground . . .

 This girl of mine loves a good playground.  Thankfully, we have a few in our new neighborhood.  We could spend hours there and she'll still give you an attitude when it's time to leave. 

You have to be stylish at the playground too!! 

 "It's time to leave, Megan," I said after an hour and a half.

And that's the look I got.  Which was followed by a scream.  Which was followed by stamping of the feet.  Which was followed by "you're mean."  Then we went home and baked cookies and all was right in this soon-to-be six year old's world again.  : )

Happy Thursday!  May all be right in your world!!  ~ Wendy  


mamasmercantile said...

Oh to be nearly six again!

sage and spirit said...

If only baking cookies could solve all the worlds' problems, right?