Sunday Sayings . . .

true essence of beauty:

This first weekend in April we have run the gamut with weather.  Friday we were wearing short sleeves. Saturday we were wearing long sleeves. Today we're wearing winter coats.  Brrrr!!!  We even woke up to some spring snow that's still sticking to the tops of bushes and the shady parts of the yard.  We're cozied up inside with the fireplace going and watching The Walking Dead marathon that is leading up to tonight's season finale.  Jim got called in to work due to high winds that were expected for today.  We've had the gas company here twice this weekend due to a strong smell of gas in the house.  We even had to evacuate ourselves and the fur babies for an hour and half yesterday morning while we waited for the fire department and the gas company to okay us to go back in the house.  They determined it's not natural gas so now we have to figure out exactly what it is.  Never a dull moment around these parts, that's for sure!!!

Have a beautiful week ahead ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

The weather here is picking up at long last, but apparently the temperatures are dropping again according to the forecast. The gas incident is a little worrying, hope you manage to source the problem. Take care.

sage and spirit said...

Of course we were ALL watching TWD!! Mr Sage and I were in Colorado and we actually came off the mesa early so we could watch the finale!

Glad the strange smell was not natural gas....but have you found out just what it is? We once had the strangest smell in our basement....it was a dead chipmunk in the dryer vent/hose thing!

Hope your week is a good one. (I'm just back from Colorado and unpacking. Ugh.)