Our New Backyard . . .

This weekend was a definite mixed bag of weather.  We knew that Saturday was going to be the better of the two days so we made the most of it and spent most of the day outdoors.  We have a wonderful new yard that we're enjoying for the first time.  The house listing described the gardens as "mature."  I've come to learn that is just a nicer way to describe garden beds then to call them terribly unkempt.  There is no rhyme or reason as to how things were previously planted.  Thankfully, my mother has a green thumb and has been declared our official gardener.  : )  This is the perfect project for her and things are already starting to look so much better. 

A work in progress.


Lilacs that make everything smell so wonderful!!



Weeds.  : )

 Have a beautiful week!!  ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Already some beautiful plants, it will all be worth it in the end when you have the garden of your dreams to go with the house. Do a small area at a time rather than trying to make the whole garden perfect in one season. Gardens are a work in progress and can take many years to establish. Enjoy it and take care.

Shel said...

Absolutely gorgeous! xo

sage and spirit said...

The dandelion. :)
Looks like you have alot to work with in that mature garden, or, as the realtors say, the garden with lots of potential! Looking forward to more photos as your mom does her magic in the back yard!