A Layed Back Kinda Father's Day . . .

It was a very quiet Father's Day for us this year.  Jim had worked the night before and worked again last night so he slept most of the day but not before his girl gave him her special gifts that she made for him at school.  She made a book for him and about him.  It's so funny to read what she thinks are his favorite things and how she sees him thru her eyes.  He loved it to say the least!!  Except for the part that said his hair color was "grey."  Lol!!  I don't think it was last Father's Day, come to think of it!!  : )

She also gave him a movie pass "Good for One Night at the Movies" with her and attached was a bag of popcorn for them to share.  So adorable!!  The boys, of course, were still asleep.  For him, it's just another day (as he puts it) and he knows how loved he is by them.  From the day he met them, more than ten years ago, it has been the most natural fit for all of us.  Heaven sent without a doubt.  : )

We also have two new additions to the back yard.  The hammock is something that Brendan has been asking (and asking, and asking!!!) us for since we moved in.  We found one the other day when we were looking for something to give us shade in our very sunny pool area.  I'm not a sun person and I know I'll be spending lots of hours poolside with Megan this summer so this was a definite necessity.  Jim and I still look at our back yard and can't believe how blessed we are.  My heart is filled with so much gratitude for ALL of our many blessings.

My mother's dog Seamus relaxing poolside.

Today, Megan graduates from kindergarten.  We have a little ceremony this afternoon.  She wore her special dress that her grandfather sent to her from Ireland.  I'll take photos later.  Tomorrow is our meeting with the board that will determine if we are allowed to build the apartment for my mother in the garage.  Say a prayer.  I've decided to let the outcome be what it will be.  Let Go and Let God.  Whatever happens, I know it will be for a reason and we'll take the next step from there.  Thanks again for all of the well wishes.  They mean more than you'll ever know.  Namaste.  xoxo

Wishing you a beautiful Monday ~ Wendy


Anonymous said...

Happy fathers day.. congratulations on the graduation and Namaste to you Wendy. May your week ahead be blessed.

mamasmercantile said...

You are in my thoughts, hoping it all goes well.

sage and spirit said...

I love your outlook on the issue of the apartment. One way or another, it will all work out. Hugs to you.

Bhutan Knit N Crochet said...

aawoo so cute. love d moments dad n daughters moment.