Part 1 of Our Vacation - Views from the Cape May - Lewes Ferry . . .

All aboard!!!  A three hour drive to Cape May, NJ and then a 90 minute trip across the ocean from New
Jersey to Delaware.  I highly recommend this adventure if you're ever visiting the area.  It saves two hours of driving time.  The breeze from the deck is so wonderful on a hot day.  Most of all, the views are so pretty.  And, if you're lucky, you may even spot some dolphins.  We saw a couple of them pop their heads up for a split second but not long enough to catch a photo.  

The view as you're leaving the port.

These spots on my camera lens are making me crazy!!!  I know I have to have them cleaned but they are going to want my camera for 4 to 5 weeks and the thought of being without it is unbearable.  Lol!!  Maybe over the winter when I don't take as many photos. 

How I envy these birds!!!  : )
These two!!!  BFF's for life!!!!! 
A tanker that we passed.
The other ferry heading back to NJ from Delaware.
Almost in Delaware!!!
This beautiful girl with her one dimple!!!  : )

 Next stop . . .  Maryland!!!

Happy Thursday to you!!  ~ Wendy


Anonymous said...


loved the moments..... i get to sight see from my little space here in africa to right there by you! so very exciting - thank you for sharing xxx

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like you had a great adventure.

sage and spirit said...

If you've got a camera with a sensor (flip up mirror type camera) you can buy a sensor cleaning kit for about 20.00 and do it yourself. I used to clean my Canon 40D sensor myself and I live in a very dusty area!

And dust specks notwithstanding, these are some great photos! Love the lighthouses and the pics of the kids!

JoAnne said...

It was fun to see these photos, Wendy. We vacation in Rehoboth Beach DE every summer with hubby's family. I have seen the signs for Cape May and the ferry many times but I have not been on it. We have many wonderful memories from our trips there. Love the one dimple!!