This One's for All You "The Walking Dead" Fans . . .

If you're a regular reader of this blog then it's no secret that we are HUGE fans of "The Walking Dead" around here.  If someone had told me three years ago that I'd be addicted to a zombie show I would've laughed at them.   Our son Trevor was the one that introduced us to TWD when the television in his room wasn't working and he asked to watch it on ours.  Fifty minutes and a million questions later we were hooked.  My husband had a week off from work and we marathon watched it on Netflix until we were all caught up.  I was afraid to go into my basement or my kitchen alone once it got dark outside for weeks.  Lol!!  I'm not kidding!!! 

TWD is filmed in Georgia.  Much of it is filmed in a beautiful little town named Senoia.  As soon as you enter Senoia you know you're in "walker" country ("walker" is another name for zombie).

The road below has TWD written all over it!!! 

 And so do these railroad tracks!!

Some perfect "walker" woods on a perfect "walker" road!!!

So we pull into town and what is the first thing we see??  A tour guide that looks just like Rick who is the main character in the show.  I must've let out a squeal because everyone turned around to our car and looked at me and laughed.  Lol!!!  The crazy New Yorkers were in town!!!  : )

Here are just a few of the many photos I took.  If you are a fan of the show then this should be exciting for you.  If not, well, you don't know what you're missing!!!  : ) 

There was limited accessibility but we were still able to get close enough to feel like we were part of the set.

The wall around the Alexandria Safe Zone (ASZ).

People actually live in some of these beautiful homes that they use for the ASZ.  Our waitress at lunch told us her dentist lives in one of the homes as do several of the business owners of downtown Senoia. 

The entrance to the ASZ that you see on the show all the time.  There is a guard booth out in front so crazy people like us can't stalk inside.  : )
The guard booth on the left. 

An old burnt out part of the set.
Father Gabriel's hangout.

These railroad tracks go thru the town but they just come to an end suddenly now.

Fans of the show will recognize the photos below as Woodbury.  Woodbury is the actual downtown area of Senoia.  We spoke with several residents of the area and they told us that the businesses were open during the filming of the show but accommodations were made so that shoppers could enter thru the back of the stores and restaurants so filming wouldn't be interrupted and businesses wouldn't be effected.

This is how Main Street looked when they were filming.  Notice the water tower in the background.

Here's a closeup of that water tower.  Pretty cool, huh?  : )

Hello again, tour guide who looks like Rick!!  We opted out of taking a tour.  The town was very quiet except for the different tour groups and a few locals.  I honestly think we found out more information from the people that lived there.  Everyone we spoke with was so friendly and when they heard we came all the way from New York just to visit their town they were happy to meet us and loved how we talk.  Lol!!! 

After lunch, we ran into a family that told us they had just been to see "Sophia's Church."  TWD fans will know it to be the church where the bell rang while they were looking for Carol's daughter who went missing.  They heard a church bell ring and thought it might have been Sophia letting them know she was in the church.  It ended up being a church bell on a timer that went off automatically.  Below is what the church looks like.

Here is what it looked like on TWD . . .

This is the back of "Sophia's Church."  It had the most amazing old cemetery I've ever visited.  I will share the photos of that the next time.  : )

Have to pick up Megan from camp now.  It's the last week.  So hard to believe!!  xo

Here's to a beautiful Monday ~ Wendy


sage and spirit said...

Wow! That tour guide sure does look like Rick!
And you visited Woodbury! And Alexandria! How awesome it must have been to see all these locations! Best vacation ever!

And like you, I was afraid to go into dark rooms in my own house after I started watching TWD! I even had scary zombie dreams!

Anonymous said...

oh my ... what an awesome experience it must have been for you!

elizabeth said...

Sounds rather fascinating but very strange!