Sunday Sayings . . .

"that was the day she made herself the promis to live more from intention and less from habit":

I've been pondering the upcoming year a lot recently.  Thinking about my word for the year.  Thinking about my BIG birthday (50!!!) coming up in a few weeks and not believing how quickly the time goes.  Wishing that sometimes I could flip a switch and wipe away all of the negative things I was told about myself growing up and chose to believe even though they were just one person's opinion.  Those things stick with you.  I'm so much more aware of this after having a daughter.  One of the best aspects of getting older, for me, is that I see more clearly why people act and think the way they do and this, in turn, allows me to be less judgmental.  This is something that I've been working on.

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There is much I'd like to accomplish in the coming year but most of all I want to remember to take it one day at a time.  : )

On a different note ~

I've been thinking about starting a new blog.  I'll still have this one but I'd like to start one that is private.  I have so many things that I want to write about.  NEED to write about.  I've started writing in a journal again whenever I feel the need and it dawned on me that there might be women going thru similar things at this point in their life but don't get much of a chance to talk about them or else aren't comfortable talking about them in public.  If this is something you'd like to be a part of please let me know in the comments.  It's just in the beginning stages.  I thought it could be like the Faberge Organics Shampoo commercial where they say "and they told two friends, and so on, and so on . . ."   Remember that??  Lol!!  If you have a friend that you think would be interested in participating in a blog like that, please let them know.  I'll definitely keep you posted about this.

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Have a beautiful rest of your weekend!!

~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

It is always a joy to visit and ponder your Sunday sayings. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. 50 is only a number Wendy, you are only as old as you feel and I like to think I am still 21, I tell my Grandchildren that I am 21 and they believe me for now anyway LOL.

Junkchiccottage said...

Good words to live by Wendy. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and wishing for brand new inspiration and happiness for you in the new year.

sage and spirit said...

I would love to be a part of your new blog. It does sound like a great idea! Like you, there are so many things I would like to say but I just don't feel a public forum is the place.

And let me say, dear woman, you are still a youngster! I have six and a half years on you!

Chy said...

I've just discovered your blog but would love to participate as well. I often find myself holding back on things i'd really like to express for fear of sounding like i'm complaining or ungrateful. Looking forward to learning more about your new blog, while I explore your current one. Sincerely, Chy

Winters End Rambler said...

Hi...yep nearly 50 and feeling the heat...would love to be part of your new blog! x