Fresh Air and Short Shorts . . .

The playgrounds have been full of very happy kids.  The walkers have been coming out in droves.  The heat has been off.  The windows have been open.  The birds have been LOUD in the morning.   And my girl even got us to let her wear shorts to school yesterday!!  "But Mommyyyyyyy!!  Everbody's gonna be wearing shorts today!!!"  It was just a half day of school so we gave in although it didn't really warm up until the afternoon.  No complaints from her though!!  You gotta love her style!!! : )

They're calling for rain this afternoon and then back into the 30's for tomorrow.  That's a good thing though.  I realized I need some time to buy herself longer shorts!!  : ) 

 Oh how I love my sassy girl!!!  XO

 Happy Saturday!!


mamasmercantile said...

Its wonderful when the weather picks up and everyone starts to enjoy the outdoors once again. I have spent many an afternoon at the park through the years.

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

She looks like she's having such fun, that cute face when she jumps off the slide! Hope your warmer weather returns soon xx

September Violets said...

I haven't noticed any shorts on kids here yet. Love the winter boots and shorts shot ;) Kids feel the spring weather sooner than the rest of us!

sage and spirit said...

Miss Megan is a sweetie! Love the shorts and boots combo!
It's been warm here too but thankfully it's dropped back to the 50's. I am not ready for the heat. Not yet!