Coming Clean . . .

I was going to do some laundry while working in my studio/laundry room today until I turned and saw this sweet girl sound asleep in front of the washer and dryer and didn't have the heart to wake her.  She likes to sleep in my computer chair and I already had to scoot her out of that.

So now I've decided to tackle the mess on my desk and what a mess it is.

See for yourself . . .

I figure if I share my dirty little secret with everyone it might shame me into doing something about it.  Hopefully, I'll have some "after" photos to share next time.

Or not.  : )



Stacey said...

Wendy, I have spots like that too! Periodically I clean them up but they just go back to the same mess. I don't know how that happens. :)

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

Heheh, glad it's not just me that creates mess when 'creating' xx

Sheila said...

Oh Wendy that did make me laugh.
I used to make cards and other papercraft items and I had a massive desk.....yet the only space ever available for crafting was about the size of a small cutting mat. The rest was just stuff I hadn't bothered to put away......just in case I needed it again...lol-x-

Judy said...

You made me feel a little better with your photos--my desk is not "quite" that bad, but it is in a mess for sure. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your kind words.

sage and spirit said...

Ahhhh....the dreaded desk mess. A sure sign of a creative mind!

thelma said...

Well I will go with the last comment, "a sure sign of a creative mind". Unfortunately I live with someone who is exceptionally tidy and thats not easy ;)

Luna Crone said...

Everyone should have a beautiful "excuse" like that!!!!! Oh how sweet and comfy and precious she looks. :-)

Now, some would say, your desk looks "messy."

And some would say, your desk looks like an artistic person is achieving, there.

It all depends on one's personal view!!!! ,-)

Btw, myself... Being a wee bit OC, would HAVE to make neat piles of those things. -grin- But!!!! That is just me!

Others would scream, if their desk like that, was disturbed. Because what looks like chaos, would be perfectly clear and understood, to them.

Ahemmm... If you didn't get it all "neated-up," you can simply say, you are the "my mess is perfect" kind of gal!!!!

Luna Crone