Digging Out and Preparing for the Wearing O' the Green . . .


All I can say is God bless the inventor of the snow blower (I say the same thing about the inventor of central air conditioning in the summer!!)!!  Twenty two inches of snow is not easily shoveled.  We actually heard about a man only in his 30's in the town over from us that suffered a fatal heart attack after shoveling his driveway.  So sad.  When the snow is wet and heavy like it was it's great for snowballs and snowmen but not so great for the heart and back.  : (   Trevor and Brendan were out a total of three times to clear the driveway and walkway.  The poor dogs have been doing their business in the same six square foot spot outside the back door since Monday.  The little guy, Sparky, actually ventured into the deeper snow this morning and did a pretty good job of making a path for the big guy, Brady.  He's 11 now and his legs aren't as strong as they used to be but that doesn't stop him at all.  : )

Miss Meggie Mack went out to help her brothers shovel but didn't get very far.  She has never seen this much snow before and couldn't believe how deep it was.  I love how colorful she is against the snow!!

 In other news . . .

20170305_130630 | by wendy0112:
Our fireplace mantle.  I used only things that I had around the house to decorate it.  : )

tonight Jim and I shop for the fixings for his world famous (almost) corned beef, cabbage and potatoes for tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day feast.  We've invited some family and friends over to help us celebrate.  I'll be visiting my favorite little farm in Cornwall for their homemade Irish soda bread and somebody will be bringing a pistachio cake (keeping with the green theme!).  It should be a nice gathering.  I think we all need it after being snowed in for a few days!!

IMG_20170316_101135_589 | by wendy0112:

Now I'm off to pack up some Etsy packages that need to be mailed out.  I think I'll take along my camera when I head to the farm and post office.  It's a beautiful day out today.  The wind is blowing but the skies are blue and the sun is shining.  There's another chance for a bit of snow this weekend but I'm crossing my fingers that Mother Nature is done with it for this winter.  Bring on spring!!  xo

~ Wendy


susan said...

What a crazy time of year for a blizzard! After a week of 50-60 degrees. I don't mind getting snowed in - we live in a townhouse and all of the shoveling is taken care of. Your mantel looks beautiful - I see you're really getting in the spirit.
I picked up my corned beef today and look forward to a good Irish dinner tomorrow.
Happy St. Paddy's day to you and yours!

Luna Crone said...

Wow, you got more than we did! But we are a lot of miles north of you. Still, 18" is an awful lot, here.

Our next door son, has the same man who plows out around the drug store... Do our drive way, and his. I would not have my husband do that, any more. Well, not for a long time. Not even snow blow. He is 83, so he has a "right" to not. -grin-

Which of course, doesn't mean, that he doesn't still "want" to. Yish...

Oh she is so cute in the snow!!!!!! This kind of snow, is for kids!!!!!

Not for dogggies. -grin-

You are really decorated for St. Patrick's Day!!!! And your gathering sounds like fun. If we were closer, my husband would "love to come over" for that meal! He has always liked Corned Beef and Cabbage. I have only come to enjoy it, of late.

Have fun!!!!

krishna said...

Oh no!!! soooooooo much snow!!!!!

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Elaine said...

The photograph of Miss Meggie Mack romping in the snow is beautiful, surely one to have framed. Happy St Patrick's Day!

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

I've never experienced snow like that, so sad for the family of the young man who lost his life. Don't forget to wear some green so the leprechauns can't see you xx

sage and spirit said...

Now that's some serious snow! I would gladly give you some of my way too warm weather for a little snow. :)
Happy St Patty's Day to you and your family!

Sheila said...

So sad to hear about the young man who lost his life.

Your decorations look so pretty and I love the little padded shamrocks.