Taking the Long Way Home . . .

Megan had her first outdoor lacrosse practice last night.  It was on the other side of Cornwall at a place called Black Rock Field.  It was the first time we've ever been there.  One of the things I love about this area is that there are so many nooks and crannies that I haven't explored yet.  So many wonderful photo opportunities.  This house, for instance, is just gorgeous.  Isn't it?? 

Jim and I were talking to one of the parents of a team mate of Megan's.  We told him we were still pretty new to the area and had never been to the field before.  I told him I'd love to drive around and visit the surrounding area to take a few photos.  He told us a back way to go home if we wanted to see some pretty old houses and of course I jumped at the chance. 

Isn't that little door adorable?  : )

It was a beautiful night to drive around but it was also dinner time and my two passengers were hungry so I limited my picture taking. 

The sky at the beginning of practice.

The sun thru the trees as it starts to set.

I'm procrastinating with the Easter decorating this year.  This time last year, Easter was already done and over with.  I need to invite company over.  That always puts a fire under my butt to get things done.  Does anybody else in blog land procrastinate?  It seems like all of my favorite bloggers are on top of things.  Same with Instagrammers.  There are some bloggers and IG'ers that I had to stop following because they made me feel inadequate.  Lol!!

I do have the Easter wreath up on the front door so I guess that's a start.  : )

Wishing you a very happy Tuesday ~ Wendy xo


Winters End Rambler said...

No need to feel inadequate looking around here! x

Sheila said...

Oh those lovely houses....I'd love to live where you live just from looking at your photographs.
I have never decorated for Easter. I always intend to and then it has just gone before I do anything about it.
This year there may be some decorating as we have a birthday party taking place on Easter Sunday-x-

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

What a lovely feathery wreath it is too! Love the houses, so much fun to drive around and explore, hope you get more time next time xx

Beatrice Euphemie said...

What beautiful photos, Wendy - I love the old houses and the 'little door', the beautiful sky, and your sweet Easter wreath. It's always so exciting to explore a new place......you live in a gorgeous area. I haven't even unpacked my Easter decorations yet. I am always behind! So glad that you visited my blog and we 'found' each other. I am a new follower. xx Karen

Jennifer Hays said...

Hi Wendy, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. It's really nice to "meet" you and I'm looking forward to reading your blog too. Your photos are great. I love old houses and am always up for having a look at one. I love your Easter wreath! So pretty. Hope you're having a good week!

Luna Crone said...

Ohhh, that stone home!!!

Ohhhh that little door!!!! What can it be tooooo????? In a wall, I think. Ohhhh, I would love to find out, what it is toooooooo. :-)

This reminds me, I must go find lovely little places, around my town. And they are there. I have to find and picture them, agian. thank you for the prompt.

Enjoy the Siren Call of Spring!!!
Luna Crone

Luna Crone said...

You have more decor up than I do. You have a sweet wreath. I have NOTHING!!!!! -grin-

And I love you, for saying how some sites, seem to be done by women, who are totalllllllllly together, and have everyyyyything decorated. -grinnnnn-

Sure! "THEIR THING" is to have Totally-Together blogs, and IG's and etc.!!!!! Otherwise, would they bother to do these social media places? No!!!! LOL

And that's ok. Just know, it's "THEIR THING". Don't let them "guilt-you-out" about not doing the same!!!!!!!!<--First Rule of being on Social Media. :-)))))))

I learned long ago, that I could not follow blogs, which were "into Retail Therapy"!!!! Always buying new stuff, for their homes. Always, always, always. They even seemed proud, of needing Retail Therapy. Ugh... I had to drop them. Not my thing!!!!

Anyway, HUGS Hon. I hear you! But just don't let 'em get-you-down!!!!! >,-)

Enjoy the Siren Call of Spring!!!
Luna Crone

sage and spirit said...

Love , love those old houses. They are such amazing photography subjects. And don't you wonder about the people who originally built them?

And yes, I definitely procrastinate when it comes to holiday decorating. :)

September Violets said...

Procrastinate?! I was going to comment back when you wrote this post, but figured, meh, what's the hurry ....
I like your wreath on the door. Just that alone will fool the neighbours into thinking you're ahead of the game. I have Easter chocolates for goody bags for my daycare kids hidden in my closet. I bought them way back in early March when they first arrived in the stores. I hope I remember to put them together this week ;)


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