A Little Randomness on a Wednesday . . .

Our rustic little cottage in the woods.  That's my gorgeous Mother's Day gift hanging on the lamp post. 

This is the road we live on.  There are actually two roads.  This is the one that leads into our very peaceful neighborhood.  (We're probably the noisiest house on the block!!)  There is a grassy median and on the other side is the road that leads out of the neighborhood.  There are no houses on the other side of the street.  Just trees, a very deep ravine with a beautiful brook at the bottom and then more trees and the New York Military Academy on the other side of those woods.  This is the infamous military academy that Donald Trump attended when he was a wayward boy.  : )  He visited our neighborhood when he was campaigning.  I saw his little Trump helicopter land and take off.  The whole visit lasted less than an hour but brought lots of excitement to this little upstate New York town of ours.  : )

This is Mr. Bigglesworth.  I almost didn't post this photo because you can really see just how badly we are in need of landscaping.  Ugghh!!!  Not enough time and not enough money but it will get done eventually.  Like everything else.  : )

This girly learned how to ride a two-wheeler the day before her birthday.  Jim came up with the great idea of removing her training wheels and her pedals so she'd teach herself how to balance even before getting on her new bike (thanks again for the beautiful bike Mimi and Grandpa!!).  It worked like a charm and she was able to do it the first time she tried!!

I started looking thru photos for some "Megan on her bike" shots and I found a few that I wanted to share. 

The photos below are of the time I gave her a piece of bubble wrap to play with and she wanted to run it over with her bike.  I have to laugh just thinking about it!!  She must've driven over that bubble wrap a hundred times and she was happy as a clam while doing it!!!  Lol!!!

 Life's simple pleasures!!!!!  : )

Now she's moving so fast I can't get a decent photo of her!!  : )

She's also been busy with lacrosse.  She had what they call a "jamboree" on Sunday.  It's where a whole bunch of teams from the area get together and play quick 25 minute games against each other.  Well she played 5 of those quick 25 minute games with some breaks in between so we were at the lacrosse fields ALL day.  Those girls were amazing and ended up winning all five games.  It really is so wonderful to see how they go from knowing next to nothing about the sport at the beginning of the season to looking like an honest to goodness team within a few weeks!!  I believe we have one more jamboree next weekend and then the season is over.  She's already said she wants to play again next year.  It really is a fantastic sport and we're thrilled that she enjoys it so much.

My girl loaded up with sunblock on her face.  She's not really that pale normally.  Close to it though.  : )

One more day of school tomorrow and then they're finished for the week.  It is Memorial Weekend here in the states this weekend.  What we consider our unofficial beginning of summer.  So hard to believe but I think we're ready for the break.  I know the kids are!!  : )

Wishing you a beautiful rest of your day!!

~ Wendy  xo


Luna Crone said...

Precious pictures.... Then, and now...

Synchrinosity or however you spell it! I was wishing for some photos, of the 'name' of your blog... Crickleberry Cottage. And here is a post, with some. Well, not many... More of around it, but... :-) Still. Have to admit, I was thinking about it, and you came through. :-))))

How wonderful to not have houses across from you. We have a little woods, across from us too, and we love it.

And you have a brook at the bottom of a ravine. Heavenly!!!

How cool, to have the President's school, nearby, and he visited. Yes, exciting.

And btw, I put a post up.... "Elsewhere". It had gone very quiet there, and so, I did. Hope it is an ok topic...

And I also requested that you make the Font Size larger. Please... It's not big enough, for my old eyes. ,-))))

Gentle hugs,
Luna Crone

Judy said...

Well, Meggie is just adorable!! My grand daughter loves LaCrosse too. I am always afraid she is going to get whopped in the head!!

mamasmercantile said...

Wow, how Megan is growing up was highlighted so much more looking back at the pictures on her bike. You are certainly blessed living in such a pretty place. Take are.

sage and spirit said...

I LOVE your cottage in the woods! What a beautiful place to call home.
And how Miss Megan has grown! Time flies, doesn't it?

Angela said...

I absolutely loved catching a glimpse of your home. its beautiful!!!
I now see what lacrosse is - :D
thank you for sharing these precious moments of you with us.

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