These {7th} Birthday Moments . . .

Everybody in the (rather cold) pool!!!  Brrr!!!


Jonah and his goggles!!  : )

Mr. Levi.

Miss Gracie.

We decided to wait a few more weeks to let the pool water warm up a bit more before we celebrate Megan's birthday with all of her friends from school.  Instead, we celebrated with two of our favorite families, some eggplant parm, homemade cake and strawberry shortcake and some very happy kids enjoying the first swim of the season!!  : )

Megan and Quinn.

Mr. Jonah.

Miss Annika.

Meggie and her favorite baby, Amelia!!

Connor and Trevor getting the cake ready.

It was a wonderful night.  Lots of crazy kids running around and a few pink and purple frosting fingerprints on the walls but, other then that, perfection.  Just like our new 7 year old!!  : )

Happy weekend everybody!!

~ Wendy  xo


Luna Crone said...


Happy Birthday to your little gal!!!!!

Luna Crone

Luna Crone said...

Still wondering, if you are going to have that new, private blog..????????????????

I have left my email addy here, before.

Should I leave it again?

Or are you not going to have the new, private blog?

Luna Crone

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

Happy birthday to Megan, looks like much fun was had by everyone xx

Winters End Rambler said...

Awww precious moments bringing back memories of my own children's special days. x

thelma said...

Hapy birthday to Megan, what lovely photos of a truly happy time. xx

Anonymous said...

what a special celebration dear Megan.

happy birthday sweet girl child.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Happy Birthday to 7 year old Megan! Love the sweet, shy photos of her with her cake. Looks like a fun celebration with all the fam. Cute photos :) xx Karen

sage and spirit said...

Seven years old! I feel like I've watched her grow up on your blog. Happy Birthday, Miss Megan!