A Few Random Photos . . .

Megan and friends cheering on the walkers/runners that participated in a 5K fundraiser that went right by our house.

Some flowers from the backyard.

My orchid plant still going strong!!  : )

I wanted to share with you the current status of this corner of the patio around the pool.  It is now past needing to be weeded and has entered the "needs to be mowed" stage.  Haha!!!  : )

Megan and her first grade teacher, Mrs. Neumann, on the last day of school last week.  We adore her and wish she could go to second grade too!!

Somebody stuck this on the front lawn of Megan's school the last day.  : )

Megan and her friend Grace enjoying the pool.

Spotted this little guy in the backyard the other afternoon.  He flew in when my friend was playing bird songs on her phone.  He mimicked the phone for a good 20 minutes!!

 That sums up the last week or so.  It's been crazy to say the least.  Looking forward to next week when Megan begins camp and we have some kind of routine in place.  I think it benefits ALL of us.  : )

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday ~ Wendy  xo


mamasmercantile said...

The pool certainly look like a fun place to be, Megan is growing up fast.

Winters End Rambler said...

Your climate is so different to mine...you have a pool and bright red birds...I have a muddy puddle and sparrows!! x

Luna Crone said...

I LOVE you showing that (grassy) corner!!! I love that you can kid about the "need of attention" there!!! WE have so many of such places!!!!! -grin-

If I stand back, and don't get tooo close to them, they kind of blend in and aren't so "in your eye." Or I hope they aren't. LOL

Don't you just marvel at the blogs, which show perfectly manicured lawns, gardens, edging, etc., etc., etc. ???? *evil grin* Betcha' they don't do the work themselves!!!!!!!!!!! -giggggles-

Long live our "in need of attention" spots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many, many gentle hugs,
Luna Crone

sage and spirit said...

That photo of Megan jumping into the pool....PRICELESS!! Such great summer photos!
As far as my yard goes....I wish I had some overgrown and in need of attention areas. We just fenced off and seeded two large areas Lucky had pulverized with her frenzied laps around the yard. She has calmed down quite a bit but the yard....it's amazing what one energetic pup can do!
Hope you're having a great week and it doesn't get too hot or humid!

Sheila said...

What lovely joyful happy summery photos Wendy.
I am longing for Ruby to break from school for the summer although she won't spend the week with us until late August.

I've never seen one in real life but I adore red cardinals and the one in your tree looks so cute.

Have a happy summer break-x-