A Shout Out and an Update . . .

My friend, Kim, and I often talk about our "hands off" approach to parenting. Today is her oldest son, Jimmy's, 18th birthday and, as a gift to him, she dedicated today's blog to him. Click onto "Earth Words" under my favorite blogs on the right side of this page if you'd like to read it. I promise you won't be disappointed. She even knows how to add pictures and everything!! : )She talks about how different her two sons are but are both so special in their own way. Jimmy is one of a kind. He is definitely an old soul. In fact, probably one of the most evolved souls I've ever met. He sees things and understands things that some people take a lifetime to understand, if at all. Kim and I always joke and say it's a good thing he uses his powers for good other wise we'd have another David Koresch (don't know if I spelled that correctly) on our hands!! There truly are no words to describe how wise beyond his years he is. He is definitely his mother's son and he couldn't have picked a more wonderful person to be his mom this time around. Happy Birthday, Jimmy!!! XOXOXOXO

My sister had her consultation with her surgeon at Sloan on Friday. He told her that she is young and strong and appears to be very healthy. He said that there will be no surgery at this time other than to place the port for chemo up by her neck area. They are going to concentrate on her liver for right now. She will be receiving chemo every two weeks starting in the next week or two. They are trying to get her into their Sleepy Hollow facility so it will be easier than driving to Manhattan. The kind of chemo she'll be receiving isn't the same as the stuff for breast cancer or ovarian cancer which really takes a toll on your body. Her chemo will make her tired but she will still be able to be an active mom which is very important to her. Having a 4 and 2 year old is no easy task in and of itself. When you throw chemo into the mix it's going to be a tough one but she'll be okay. She was also told that she might not lose her hair. She had already decided that she'd wear funky bandanas in the event that this happens. She has also already decided that it's just hair and hair grows back. Not one of her more important issues at this time. So all in all, everything sounds positive, her attitude is positive and we are all positive. Doesn't get better than that. Keep the prayers coming. You can never have too many prayers!! I have 200 people from a prayer chain praying for her. My friend's Croatian grandmother and her friend are praying the Rosary for her. My inlaws have half of Ireland praying for her and my sister has a wonderful Iranian man from her job praying for her. So it looks like we have a lot of bases covered!!

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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