Summer's in the Air . . .

Ahhhhhhhh . . . today is one of those rare Saturday mornings when nobody HAS TO be anyplace. No baseball games, no practices, no pressing matters to tend to. These mornings are very far and few between. And to top it off, my hubby and little guy are having a daddy/son day today. Garage sales are calling my name but I'm enjoying the second mug of coffee and central a/c too much to pay attention. Summer is definitely in the air. I cringe when the weather report is the 3 H's ~ hazy, hot and humid. YUCK!!!!! Someone at my son's baseball game last nite said he loves that kind of weather. I don't know if I'll be able to like him anymore. To me, that is a sign of a sick mind. : ) We're having our pool installed this coming week. Hubby doesn't think I'll use it that much. Hubby is sadly mistaken!! Having a pool is one of my little dreams come true. We never had one growing up and always had to wait to be invited to our neighbor's pool or go to the town pool. It really sucked when we fought with our friend who had the only pool in the neighborhood and we fought often. LOL!!! Lisa (the friend with the pool) will attest to that one!! But we always made up quickly and are still friendly all of these years later.

Speaking of friends, tonite I am attending a concert that my sistafriend (a word in my personal dictionary), Kim, is performing in. She is part of the Rockland County Choir that is performing at our local college. Hubby and I were supposed to have a nite out alone but he has been asked to help coach our middle guy's team tonite as they've advanced in the playoffs. GO CUBS!!! I don't mind going sans husband but it would've been nice to share the experience with him. He and I are very emotional when it comes to music. The first time we went out together we sat in his car and listened to different songs from his collection of cd's. Some of the songs that he played told me a lot about what kind of man he is. Music has always been a huge part of my life and now the boys are the same way. There's nothing I love more than to hear Brendan singing in the bathtub or Connor singing while he's on the xBox (he'd kill me if he knew I just typed that!!) or to see Trevor bopping on the baseball field to the music they sometimes play between innings. When Trevor comes home from a school dance and tells me that he got everybody dancing I love it!! I'm not going to mention the fact that he also tells me that girls were "grinding" him. I try not to think about that stuff!! Connor would die before he admitted something like that to me. Trevor is my "filterless" one. Sad to say but he definitely gets that from his mother. : )

So it's a peaceful morning here in the McDonagh/Valentine household. I want to share another quote. I love quotes and often find a lot of inspiration in them.

May today and every day of your life
bring you fresh hopes for tomorrow - because
hope gives all of us our reason for trying.

May each new day bring a feeling of excitement,
joy and a wonderful sense of expectation. Expect
the best and you'll get it.

May you find peace in simple things because
those are the ones that will always be there.

May you remember the good times and forget
the sorrow and pain for the good times will remind
you of how special your life has been.

May you always feel secure and loved and know
you are the best.

May you experience all the good things in life -
the happiness of realizing your dreams, the joy
of feeling worthwhile and the satisfaction of
knowing you succeeded.

May you find warmth in others, expressions of
love and kindness, smiles that encourage you and
friends who are loyal and honest.

May you realize the importance of patience and
accept others for what they are. With understanding
and love, you'll find the good in every heart.

May you have faith in others and the ability to be
vulnerable. Open your heart and really share the
miracle of love and intimacy.

Above all, may you be happy with yourself.

~ Regina Hill

Many Blessings ~ Wendy

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