Thankfully, Some Things Never Change . . .

Every day, right before dinner time, the familiar sound of "I'm a Little Teapot" can be heard echoing thru our neighborhood. Much to the delight of young and old alike, it is the Ice Cream Truck. So many things have changed since I was a child but this is one constant that remains. Judging by the exhaust fumes emitted from the back of the truck, I think it must be the same truck that we chased after when we were kids!! You can still buy Toasted Almonds, Bomb Pops (is that politically correct nowadays), Screwballs, Nutty Buddys, Chipwiches, Choco Toccos and, my all time favorite, the chocolate covered vanilla ice cream with the chocolate candy center. You can still by Lik-m-aid (don't know if I spelled that correctly but I know you know what I'm talking about!!) which is that powder sugar crap with the stick that tastes like marshmallows. Boy was that good as a kid but now it's a little hard to take. Same with cotton candy. Have you tried that lately? I'll take a pinch of the boys' on the boardwalk or wherever we may be that there is cotton candy but how did we ever eat a whole cone full of that stuff?!!? I was talking to somebody a couple of weeks ago and we were commenting on how so many things we thought were good when we were kids now seem not so good (e.g. cotton candy, Lik-m-aid, spinning carnival rides, staying up all nite, etc.) and things that we thought were yucky as kids now seem so much more appealing (e.g. coffee, alcohol, sex, going to sleep early, cole slaw, a good cigar, sex, etc.) Yes, I know I said sex twice. I'm a newlywed. What do you expect!!!!

I remember as a kid, hanging out with my cousins and my sisters, yelling "STOP!!" at the ice cream truck out our living room window as it drove by. When he'd stop, we'd all duck behind the couch so he didn't see us. We'd do that a couple of times until he figured out we were just being a bunch of troublemakers. When I had my own apartment in South Nyack, my couch was up against the front window. Talk about the perfect setup for, you guessed it, duping the ice cream man!! On numerous occasions myself and whoever happened to be over at the time would yell "STOP" and duck. Immature but fun nonetheless. Now, many years later, my kids do the same. Of course I had nothing to do with showing them how much fun it is (she says with her fingers crossed). Ahhhhh . . . it's come full circle!!! Thankfully, some things never change.

Many blessings . . . Wendy

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Kimmy Words said...

Good Humor is great but there is nothing like Mr. Softee. And that theme song hasn't changed in 40 years! In my old "hood" in Brooklyn we had the ice cream man, the fruit and vegetable man, the fish man, the rides, Chow Chow Cup - the truck with Chinese food, the pizza man, the scissor sharpening guy, the dry cleaners. Whew! As far as Good Humor - give me a Chocolate Eclair any day! Thanks for the memories.