A Lovely Day for Playing Hookie . . .

I'm not really sure how to spell "hookie" so I took a guess 'cause I'm too lazy to look it up!! In any case, Jim and I gave our two youngest boys what we, in our house, like to refer to as a "mental health day." Grown-ups need some time off from work to decompress once in a while and so do kids. I have to say we couldn't have picked a more perfect autumn day for playing hookie!!
Jim and I and the two guys drove up to Montgomery, NY. It's really a pretty little town, especially this time of the year. I have a friend whose mom has a farm there and we always love to take the hour long drive when we get invited to one of their annual parties. I thought it would be a good idea if we went pumpkin picking during the week as opposed to the weekends. It gets very crowded at Hodgesen's farm and I am not a big fan of crowds. I've only been pumpkin picking there either on the weekends or while chaperoning one of the boys' classes during a field trip there. I had no idea that the farm's autumn activities are closed to the public during the week with the exception of school field trips. Needless to say, we were all very disappointed that we couldn't take a tractor ride to the fields to pick our own pumpkins. I apologized to the family profusely and swore I had no idea it would be closed. We did, however, have perfect timing on our side and there were several classes there during the time that we were. We were all still able to go to the petting zoo, get lost in the corn maze and make friends with the llamas and sheep. They also had lots of pumpkins that had already been picked that we were able to purchase. I have to say that we found six gorgeous ones. They even had pale blue ones which made me very happy so, of course, I had to choose them!! We finished our visit with a stroll thru the gift shop and then lugged our loot back to the car. Whatever did we do without SUV's and mini-vans?!!?
On the way home, much to the displeasure of Trevor and Brendan, I stopped at a little house on the main road that sells antiques out of their garage. That, to me, is the perfect set-up. I would LOVE to be able to peddle my wares out of my garage. Margaret and Allan are the shop owners and are both retired and love hunting for antique treasures to add to their little shop. They told me that business has been slow and chalk it up to the economy. I told them about Etsy and they are going to check it out. I ended up purchasing a box of vintage Christmas balls that I'm going to be listing in my Etsy shop and a bunch of vintage cookie cutters that the boys and I are going to be using for Christmas cookies. They are the kind with the wooden knob on the top and are wonderful. Margaret told me that she used to make cookies with her grandmother using them. She also told me a little bit about how you can tell what decade the cutters were made in by the color of the wooden handles. Wonderful people if you ever get the chance to stop by their shop. Tell them Wendy sent you!!
Many blessings ~ Wendy


kimo said...

"Whatever did we do without SUV's and mini-vans?!!?"

In our family, it was the Gran Torino station wagon with the wood panels, baby!

Priscila said...

oh the little goats are cute. I use to have goats that were twins and my sister and I had to wake up everyday and feed them a bottle!