A Very Welcome Change . . .

Today my friend Stacey and I drove to Livingston, New Jersey to pick up a shed that she won on eBay. It was listed by a company called Planet Overstock and can be found at planetoverstock1.com. I perused the website for a little bit and I have to tell you that it's wonderful. If you get a chance, check it out. There was a woman at the warehouse we went to for pick up that was picking up several items she had won on eBay as well. She and her husband live in the Bronx currently but just bought a house in Newburgh. She was picking up a patio set that she was high bidder on. The set retailed for $450.00 but she only paid $150.00 for it. She also won this fantastic lounge chair that was round and had two separate lounges attached to each other but each reclined independant of the other. She won it with a bid of $50.00. The box showed that it was from Wal-Mart and had a retail price of $184.00 labeled on the box. I'm going to be on the lookout for one of those for our new deck that Jim is going to be building in the spring. Don'tcha just love a bargain?!!?

While we were driving to New Jersey, we got on the subject of the election. Stacey told me that she doesn't vote. Sorry to be giving you up, Stace, if you're reading this!! I was a little surprised to hear that from her and told her so. For the record, I am one of the most a-political people that you will ever meet but feel that it is important, as an American, to vote. This is something that I have discussed with my sons on numerous occasions. Their father felt the same way. Now they have another parent that stresses the importance of getting out and voting. This election was incredibly important for so many reasons. I think about the state of this world and what our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren, etc. will be inheriting. It's not very pretty but I believe that it's not too late to make things better. At the risk of making some enemies of my friends, I believe that the best man for the job won. It is time for a change and I believe that President-elect Obama was brought to us for a specific reason. I voted from my gut and my gut never lies to me. Even when I might not be 100 percent sure about something my gut is. As I watched Oprah today and saw the emotion in her face and the clips of last night's victory speech, I felt so emotional for this man and for all African-Americans in this country. I truly believe that this will help unite our country in a way that we've never experienced before. The number of people that voted in this election is unprecedented. The young people of this country were truly excited to get out and make their vote count. I heard many children discussing the mock voting they had in school or on websites such as Nickelodeon.com where you were able to "vote" for the next President of the United States. How exciting is that for them?!!?

This morning I found pictures online of people voting in several locations across the country. There was a picture of a 78 year old man walking with his Great Dane to a tiny building that was a one room schoolhouse until the late 1960's and had been converted to the town's place to vote for this election. There was a picture of a man in Texas who rode his horse to go and vote. There was a picture of a little boy in New York City who was peeking under the curtain as his dad voted. There was a picture of a man voting in a diner that had been set up as a voting location while people ate breakfast around him. There were several other pictures that gave me such a feeling of awe for this incredible country that we live in. We truly are blessed to be able to call America our home and my hope is for future generations to feel the same way. I feel like we will be given the chance for a fresh start come January 20th, 2009.

God Bless America.

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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kimo said...

The thing that drove it home to me was my friend Darren who has been serving our country for over 20 years. He is currently in Baghdad. A group of friends were having a conversation about voting and he interrupted the conversation and said that he is serving our country (with the possibly sacrificing his life)in order for us to have the ability to vote and that we should do so. Needless to say, after that everyone agreed about the importance to vote.