The Wonders of Winter . . .

It's been a long time since my last blog posting. I haven't really had much to say. I've had a lot that I could say but not really anything that I can say without going off on a tirade and that wouldn't solve anything or, for that matter, change anything. So what's the point. Anyway . . .

As I was unloading the dishwasher this morning it dawned on me that this is the first winter that I can remember living in present moment time. I have truly enjoyed every day of this winter season and am already starting to feel a little sad that it will be coming to an end before we know it. I guess it's because I feel like this is the first winter that actually feels like winter in a very long time. I am savoring it and loving it. Another blogger, whose site I frequent, wrote about how her son lost all of the matches to his gloves and she finally had to go out to buy new gloves when there were only left handed gloves left to wear. She went to several stores before she was able to locate any. At one store she was told that there were no gloves because "everyone is looking toward spring now." Apparently winter isn't fashionable. Tell that to Mother Nature because she certainly seems to think otherwise!! As I type this the snow is falling and it is definitely a good day for glove wearing.

I am one of those rare (or so I've been told) people that loves this time of the year. I was talking with my friend, Kim, the other day. I told her that I love to hibernate. Maybe I was a bear in a previous life. I even enjoy cooking this time of the year. Actually, as long as my grill has propane in it, I don't mind cooking in the warmer weather either. But there's something about winter cooking that I like best. Homemade pots of soup, warm cookies, pasta dinners with homemade sauce and hot bisquits for dipping. That's enough of that. I haven't had lunch yet and I want to finish this since I haven't written in such a long time!! So, I was saying that I like to hibernate. When I was a kid I was out sledding or skating or building igloos or making snow angels all of the time. We even came up with this idea that we (meaning all the neighborhood kids that hung out together) would make a hockey rink in the backyard of a neighbor's house and form our own hockey team and play teams from other neighborhoods. We were going to call ourselves the Castle Heights Kings. Castle Heights being the name of the street that the rink would be on. Needless to say, that never panned out. Why would we go thru all that trouble to make a rink when we had Spook Hollow Pond or Marydell Pond within walking distance? Ahhhh . . . memories!!

So my friend, Kim, told me that it is the time of year that we are supposed to hibernate. Plants become dormant. Many animals become dormant. So why is it so difficult to find a pair of gloves? I'll tell you why (although I'm sure you already know). As soon as the holiday season comes and goes so do the cold weather clothes. As of January 1st there are still three months left of winter. Three months of beautiful gifts that nature wants to bestow upon us. There is, of course, snow. There is also frost. I actually bought "Frost in a Can" a couple of years ago just so I could have that frosty look on my windows all the time. I really liked it to be honest with you. Then there is the ever-popular ice and icicles. You have to admit that icicles are so pretty to look at and who among us hasn't pulled one of those suckers (no pun intended) off and, well, sucked on one. Wasn't life so much sweeter before we knew that eating a handful of snow or sucking on an icicle you pulled off of the gutter of your house could be detrimental to your health?!!? My little guy eats snow. Of course I gave him the old "watch out for yellow snow" speech but, other then that, I let him. Until he starts glowing in the dark I don't see a problem with him doing that.

So here's to 6 more weeks of winter and to all of the snow, frost and ice that wants to pay a visit to my house. And here's to all of the people that have to clean up the snow, frost and ice. This hot cocoa's for you!!

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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