Day 9 of the EtsyGreetingsTeam 10/10/10 Challenge . . .

Yes, I did indeed miss day 8. There was a lot going on yesterday and I just didn't get the chance to blog. I did, however, list a new card a day late. I'm very happy with how it came out. I purchased these wonderful velvet posies a couple of months ago on Etsy and hadn't used them for anything until today. I think I'd like to make my next couple of cards using each color posey that I have. For today's day 9 of the Challenge I relisted a card that I had made a while back whose listing time had expired. Maybe someone will love it enough to buy it the second go around. Summer time is a tough time of the year to commit to doing anything for 10 days straight. You never know what's going to pop up unexpectedly on your schedule. I have to commend all of my fellow Etsy Greetings Team members that stuck it out. I feel like I've made some new friends and look forward to being a part of their team for a very long time. With that said . . .
Today I want to spotlight the wonderful Etsy shop Harmonia30 which can be found at http://www.harmonia30.etsy.com/. I adore every card in her shop so it was very difficult to choose just one to show you. In the end, I chose the Taylor Card, which is pictured below my Velvet Posey and Roses card. The reason I ended up choosing the Taylor Card is because not only is it beautiful but I also have a niece named Taylor!! : ) Each card is made with such gorgeous paper and filled with ribbon and embellishments making them so darn girly!! Is it any wonder all of the cards are named after girls?!!?
So tomorrow is day 10 and I will create a new card for the grand finale. I'm hoping to keep in this routine of blogging and listing. It's been great fun and has generated some great business, too!!

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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