Creating and Destashing on a Beautiful Morning . . .

It is an absolutely beeeutiful morning here in New York. This last week of the dreaded three H's (hazy, hot and humid) were really getting to me. I even took a nap one afternoon. I'm not a napper. Even when I was pregnant and had newborns I wasn't a napper. The three H's turn me into one. I don't care how cool your house is (our central air has been on since April!!), it creeps in under your doors and thru your windows. But today is different. It looks like we are going to get some rain this weekend. My hubby has been keeping an eye on the storm churning off the coast someplace. There's a possibility that we can be impacted by Hurricane Danny which I don't think is technically a hurricane yet but is supposed to become one as it churns over open waters. Son #1 is leaving for football camp tomorrow morning thru Tuesday. His coach has mentioned possible bad weather to the team but doesn't seem concerned. He has a wonderful bunch of coaches and I know that they will all be in good hands so I'm not too worried. They're actually going to camp in Massachusettes which my husband says will put them closer to the storm if it comes in. Enough about that. We'll know more as each day progresses.

Son #1 has been telling me he "needs" stuff for camp. He "has to have" specific stuff to bring with him to camp. Silly me thought it was football related. Last nite, when he got home from his third practice session of the day, he was too tired to even pick up a pen. "Mom, I'm too tired to hold a pen. Can you type my list of things I need on the computer?" I obliged as I was on the computer already. Here's his list . . .

Parmesan Basil Wheat Thins
Cheese Doodles
Spicy Blue Diamond Almonds
Blow-Up Beach Ball (apparently an inside joke that he wouldn't disclose)

This is what he so desperately needs for football camp. You gotta love him!!

# 3 son (after he got his face painted on the boardwalk) looking up to his Big Brother (aka #1 son). I love this picture!!

So I woke up feeling energetic and creative and wanting to clean up my studio a little bit. This is what I've listed so far in my Etsy shop this morning.

Some vintage seam binding and lace that I've wrapped around a coffee-stained tag and embellished with a little extra bling.

Don't these colors just scream "Autumn!!" The flower at the bottom of the tag is actually a wooden button. A couple of years ago I found a pillow covered with lots of wooden buttons and embellishments on a clearance shelf in The Christmas Tree Shop. It wasn't in the best condition and I think I paid all of $1.00 for it. I pulled all of the buttons off of it and am now going to use them for other projects. I thought it looked so pretty with the colors of the tag.

I've taken lots of pictures of other goodies to list but I'll get to those later.

Here's a sneak peek.

A vintage hanky, vintage lace, aqua pearls and a bunch of forget-me-nots. So pretty!!

I found this very nice sized vintage shaker and have filled it with lots of surprises!! Let's just say they include vintage pretties, some glitter and lots of pink!! I'll be listing these later on today.

So now I'm off to my local Target to pick up son #1's items on his list. He did forget to mention the long black socks that he's been telling me he needs because short socks give him blisters with the cleats and pads. Apparently, Cheese Doodles and Beach Balls are more important.

That's my boy!! : )

Many blessings ~ Wendy


kayleeg2005 said...

Hi, wendy, I'm glad you stopped by for a visit, aren't the plaques the cutest? I bought them on ebay at mwshabbychic, she has some very nice thing's in her store, I must warn you! lol! Hope you have a great weekend...

Priscila said...

i love your fall colors! I cant wait actually for fall. Its soo HOT here in California. Im sure we will have a couple fires because its that season and the weather is crazy. Lik I said on my blog last weekend it was suppost to rain now its like 100 degrees!