Happy to be Home . . .

We arrived home last nite, a day ahead of schedule. Between my sun-poisoned lip and my middle guy's badly sunburned back, we had had enough fun in the sun. The two of us are of the "burn and peel" type. We both did well for most of the week, using lots of SPF 50 sunblock. I covered myself head to toe with it but did not use anything on my lips. I woke up Tuesday morning with blisters right below my lower lip. I went to the nearest pharmacy and was given a recommendation of what to use for it. I have to tell you that I was so embarrassed telling the pharmacist that I had sun poisoning. I haven't had it since I was a little kid. Back then, we didn't use sunblock because our parents weren't hip to all the information that parents are these days. So the medication worked and took the blisters away but now it looks worse. It always looks worse before it looks better!! As for my son, he went to the beach with several friends and thought he didn't need sunblock because it was cloudy and overcast. My son is normally very white with freckles and red hair. Now he's very red with freckles and red hair. Thankfully, between my sister and a friend, I was able to find two very wonderful sunburn products that worked immediately to take the burn away and he hasn't had any pain since. Now he's at the "itchy" stage which will likely be followed by the ever popular "peeling" stage. I have always been so careful with all three of the Irish babies that I have been blessed with. This is Trevor's first burn in his thirteen years of life. Did I mention that it happened on his thirteenth birthday?!!?

That's our newest teenager blowing out his candles. I thought I got a picture of the candles but I guess I didn't!! : )

Promise you won't laugh? Here's a picture of his Carvel Ice Cream Cake with writing on it. I couldn't get the top off of the blue gel all the way so this is how it came out. Now remember . . .

You promised not to laugh!!!! That's okay. I'm laughing too!! : )

A couple more pics of the birthday boy and of the birthday boy's very proud Mama!!

Where does the time go?!!? : )

I took tons of wonderful pictures during our week at the beach and I look forward to sharing them with you over the next couple of days. For now, though, I have to come up with something to feed all of the men in this house which might be kind of difficult since there's nothing in the house!! Hmmm . . . I think there's a pizza in our future . . .

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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