Some Pictures to Brighten Up a Cloudy Sunday . . .

I took so many pictures during my recent trip to my favorite antique shop in Cape May, New Jersey that I thought I'd share some more with you on this cloudy day in New York. I hope these add a few rays of sunshine to your Sunday. : )

These were all in a display case which is why there's a glare. I couldn't resist taking pictures of them. How glamorous are they?!!?

I remember my Grandmother giving me several of these lovely vintage ladies when I was very young only they were a little bit smaller. I have no idea what happened to them. I had them on my dresser and I would look at them all the time. I remember one had dangling pearl earrings. I hadn't thought about them in a long time until I saw these. Don't you just love when something triggers a fond memory that had been tucked away for a long time?

I fell in love with this vintage cupboard and would've taken it home with me in a minute until I realized that I'd have to pick one of the kids to leave on the side of the road to fit it in my car. The guilt of giving up a son for this would've made it very difficult to enjoy it!! : )

Who can resist pink poodles . . .

and mermaids?!!?

And, last but not least, these pretty little vintage buttons. These had to come home with me!!
I hope these pictures added a few rays of sunshine to your Sunday. : )
Many blessings ~ Wendy

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Jennifer Stewart said...

Hi, Wendy! Thanks for visiting my blog. I absolutely love these photos. GREAT finds!! :)

Have a good week,