A History Lesson on Columbus Day . . .

When I was in elementary school, I remember learning this poem in celebration of Columbus Day. I was thrilled when I was able to find it again. Don't you just love Google?!!? Enjoy!!

In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
He had three ships and left from Spain; He sailed through sunshine,
wind and rain. He sailed by night; he sailed by day; He used the stars
to find his way. A compass also helped him know how to find the way to go.
Ninety sailors were on board; Some men worked while others snored.
Then the workers went to sleep; And others watched the ocean deep.
Day after day they looked for land; They dreamed of trees and rocks
and sand. October 12 their dream came true. You never saw a happier crew!
"Indians! Indians!" Columbus cried; His heart was filled with joyful pride.
But "India" the land was not; It was the Bahamas, and it was hot.The Arakawa
natives were very nice; They gave the sailors food and spice. Columbus sailed
on to find some gold to bring back home, as he'd been told. He made the trip
again and again, trading gold to bring to Spain. The first American? No, not quite.
But Columbus was brave, and he was bright.

I hope you have a happy and safe Columbus Day!!

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Lori said...

i only ever knew the first line of that poem...thanks for sharing!!!

cityfarmer said...

Hey, i remember that!!!

what a flash back in time to, well maybe first grade.

thanks for stopping in so faithfully

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

my friend told me he was a very bad man..so they don't celebrate him..me I know nothing about him..;)

Kitschen Pink said...

Well Columbus sounds like a throughly decent chap doesn't he?! Such a shame he didn't have any anti-biotics to trade with the poor natives!
Thanks for stopping by - your pizza comment had me on the floor - EXACTLY my point! My boy does that with his morning toast! t.x

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Lynn Richards said...

Hi Wendy,
I found your blog through Elizabeth Holcomb's. It is so pretty and fresh!!
I am looking forward to seeing more.

Lynn Richards said...

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(I love blog comments as well!!)
take care, Lynn

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love this post! thank you so much for sharing this and bringing back our memory of school days! lol

koralee said...

Thank you for visiting me the other day...so glad you did now I can visit you! You have a lovely blog! I so remember that poem...even though I am from Canada we still had that little poem to help us out! Off to visit some of your past posts.