What Once Was Old is New Again . . .

Recently, I was in Target. I've been trying to stay out of that store because, like most people I know, I always spend much, much more money than I had planned on spending ~ much to the dismay of my husband and his budget plan. Being that I've decided to make this autumn and winter a time for purging, I've really been good about not bringing things into the house that aren't an absolute necessity. At times, this has been difficult. I can count on one hand how many yard/garage/estate sales I've been to this year. I haven't hit my favorite little thrift shop at all this year and, in the last four or five months, the only time I've been to my favorite Goodwill Shop has been to drop off bags of "stuff" left over from our garage sale or from cleaning out the basement. For the most part, though, it has been pretty much out of sight, out of mind. So back to my Target story . . .

In Target, I found this little section of Fisher Price toys that were all originally created back when I was a child or even before I was born. I had my camera with me and I couldn't resist taking pictures of them. They aren't the best quality pictures but I just had to show them to you anyway!!

So how cute are these guys?!!? My sons were so embarrased by my reaction to them!! I have been known to be a little dramatic at times. I like to refer to it as "wearing my heart on my sleeve." Doesn't that sound much nicer? : )

The blue one was my favorite!! I think that Santa might just have to leave one of these guys peaking out of my stocking on Christmas!! My husband can't get upset if Santa gives him to me, can he?

This is actually a key chain and the rings are removable.

Who, amongst us, didn't play with one of these when we were little?

I did break down and purchase one of these popcorn key chains. It actually works just like the big ones!!

I remember my Grandmother had one of these in the toy box in her house. The eyes would move back and forth when you pulled it and the wheels would make a funny sound that I loved.

Oh how I miss Grandma's toy box!!

I can't put into words the memories that all of these toys conjure up for me!!

This reminds me of the bee that was on Romper Room. Does anybody remember that show? I remember waiting with baited breath to see if the lady would see me in her magic mirror. She actually did say "I see Wendy" once or twice. I couldn't have been more than four when I watched that show and I still remember it clear as day!!

But don't ask me what I had for dinner last nite!! : )

Out of all the toys my boys had, Tinker Toys were probably in the top three of their "most played with" toys.

I wonder how many of us learned how to tell time with this wonderful clock?

My favorite part of this is the image on the bottom of it. Isn't it so sweet?!!?

Last but not least . . .

This is my new favorite children's birthday gift to stock up on for birthdays throughout the year. You have crayons, a yo-yo, Silly Putty and a Slinky all in one package.
It doesn't get any better than that!!
I hope you've enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me!!
Many blessings ~ Wendy


Gina said...

I recognise so many of these toys. I was born in Ireland and it is funny to think how universal these toys are. Kids all around the world playing with solid primary coloured durable creations. I love the key chain idea. A way of carrying nostalgia in your pocket!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! I, too, would have been tempted to buy them all...I'll be staying away from the Target toy section, that's for sure! Too sweet--and that last one is a great one for birthday gifts.

honey living said...

this is wonderful and i know just the kind of nostaligia you were feeling. there is truly nothing like that feeling - the memories are so visceral.

check out the website www.televisiontunes.com for theme songs - gives me the same feelings.

The imPerfect Housewife said...

OH MY WORD...YES, I remember almost every single one of those, right down to the wind-up little box that played London Bridge - my next-door neighbor had that. I just love keychains and I HAVE to go to Target now to find those!! Go check out Cherie's blog: http://bakowbabble.blogspot.com/ because she's got a funny post today of old Halloween costumes. Thanks for stopping by my blog because now I've found yours! ♥

Shelley said...

I totally have a sock monkey in my house right this minute. How scary is that?
Love your blog.

JGH said...

Yipes! Another reason to spend money at Target - and my kids are too old for most of these. But I remember them all so well. Thanks for a great trip down memory lane!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH my gosh do I remember those toys..and I loved that phone and his eyes too..and I love those bitty key chains..love the roller popper one..played with the lifesized one..I also loved playing with the round toy that you put the arrow on it and it would make the sound a cow or rooster made..loved it..loved my slinky too..:) ahh to be a kid again at christmas..I want some lincoln logs..seriously..I loved those things..:)I still have games from when I was in 6th grade and they still work..perfection, and numbers up..do you remember those?

Lily Boot said...

I'm with Gina! I live in Australia and yet those toys were part of our childhood too :-) I too adore the illustration at the bottom of the clock. Doesn't it just sing of security and happiness and all the things we want for our children. I still have my fisher price dolls' house from the 1970s with its little wooden people - it sits in my sewing studio and makes me smile everytime I look at it. You've given me a lovely trip down memory lane - thanks :-)

Lynn Richards said...

I loved Romper Room!Remember: "romper stomper, bomper boo..."
Thanks for the pictures of Target. I have tried staying away a well!

gm glimmerglass said...

You absolutely MADE MY DAY!

I have been hunting some of these toys down on eBay for my brand new grandkiddo and here they are at TARGET!

Thank you Thank you Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats on your new little one on the way. As an "older" mom, I can tell you - they keep you young!