Finally . . .

Finally, we brought home this year's Christmas tree. We were supposed to go a week ago but my man got held up at work and then hit lots of traffic coming home from the city. Then, we were supposed to go one day this past week and the weather didn't cooperate. Right now, it's leaned up against the garage door until we're ready to place it in its stand. Hopefully, tomorrow or Wednesday. We've rearranged the living room since last year so we're going to put it in a different spot but I think it will look nice when it's up and decorated.

Every year, we purchase our tree from a local volunteer fire company. My grandfather was a member there, my father was a member there, my first husband was a member there and now son number one is a member there. They receive a huge shipment of trees the day after Thanksgiving every year and, each year, they are gorgeous. One year, we even found a bird nest in our tree. We didn't notice it was there until after we got it home and in the stand and the branches started to drop. What a wonderful surprise that was!! : )

This year, my father in law came with us for his tree. He wasn't going to put one up this year because it's been a very difficult time for him with my mother in law in a nursing home. I talked to him a little bit about it and suggested he just get a small one so that my brother in law will see it when he comes home from his group home for the holidays.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before but my first husband's only sibling is his brother, Thomas. Tom will be 39 in May and is mentally retarded due to a seizure disorder that began when he was very young. Since he was placed in the group home about four years ago he has flourished. He is only a mile from us and three miles from my father in law which is wonderful.

This picture of Tom was taken on Thanksgiving.

My mother in law collects angels and every year she would decorate their tree with over 100 angel ornaments. I know it's going to be difficult for my father in law but he and I both think it's best if he keeps things as close to normal as possible for Tom this Christmas. I'm glad he decided to get a tree. Son number one is helping him stand it in their house as I type this. That was something that my first husband did for them every year. Now, Connor carries on the tradition. That just brought tears to my eyes as I typed it. We will always have our old memories but it's the new ones that so many people need to focus on this time of the year. Otherwise, it becomes just too overwhelming.

Many blessings ~ Wendy


J from Ireland said...

Your whole family is so lovely. Wow what beautiful trees they are if only there was trees like that here!! I have artifical ones. Happy Christmas.

mimi said...

What a wonderful tradition!! I do love a live tree as well however this year we decided to purchase an artificial one. My husband likes to put it up the day after Thanksgiving and last year it was so dry at the end of the season I actually had to remove the branches individually so that I could get it out of the door without the needles shooting everywhere. It was a MESS. Our tree is really pretty but there is nothing like a live tree :) Have a wonderful time making new memories with your lovely family!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

can't wait to see your home all decked out..:)

JGH said...

I feel for your father in law, Wendy -- his desire to maintain the tradition for Tom, yet recognizing that it has to evolve. But how great that you are able to remain loyal to that fire department! I bet your dad would be proud.

Lynn Richards said...

Such sweet family traditions. I do hope as you continue they bring you much joy, even in the midst of so much change!
blessings, Lynn

Sweetina said...

You are so right about focusing on the now. You have a wonderful caring family there~and your brother in law seems so sweet and innocent.What a great idea for your Father in Law to have a small tree.It will give them and everyone the magic of Christmas.
Have a very meaningful and Blessed Holday to all of you from my family~

Wee Cute Treasures said...

Lovely family traditions Wendy. Hope all going well with you and your family. Happy Christmas to you all, best wishes Carol :)

Kat said...

I love that you keep that tradition alive. You do realize that you referred to Son number 1 as Son number 3 twice, right?