Booties and Bonnets . . .

I've always been in love with baby bonnets and booties.

I remember when I had my first baby and a woman who volunteered at the hospital where I gave birth came around to all the rooms with a cart full of handmade booties, baby sweaters, blankets and hats.

I instantly fell in love with everything she was peddling but, unfortunately, only had a few dollars in my wallet.

I had to throw some daisies in there, of course!!

I was still able to purchase a few pairs of booties as they were selling for only about $3.00 per pair.
My oldest son (who now wears a size 12.5 shoe!!) wore those booties. He was a big bruiser of a baby but I still wanted him to look like a baby and, to me, nothing says "baby" like a pair of booties.

How sweet are these?!!?

Isn't this vintage bonnet with the rose just gorgeous?!!?

Unfortunately, bonnets were obviously out of the question with the three boys. It was baseball caps for them!!

Go Yankees!! Sorry but I had to throw that in there!! :)
This time, though, I've already stocked up on several bonnets and am thrilled that Baby Megan will get good use out of them since she's going to be born at the beginning of the warm and sunny months. They've all been washed in Dreft and put away. I can't wait to touch and smell and kiss that sweet little head of hers.

Seventeen days and counting . . .

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Lynn Richards said...

Oh, Wendy!! How exciting!! I love booties. My favorite was the soft, soft white blanket that was crocheted in sweet pink my friend's mother made. Sigh. Brenna uses it for her "babies" now...
thinking of you!!

Connie said...

Ooooh, how exciting for you to have a granddaughter, sugar! Our first great granddaughter will be born in just a couple of weeks and I can't wait to kiss her little face off. I made her a pair of booties like the blanket stitch ones you've shown. I did them in pink. I'm sure she'll be a "infant fashionista chick! Hah.
Oh, pop over for a chance for a giveaway if you have time and the desire to win some roses. ;-)