Sugar and Spice and a Shower So Nice . . .

Last weekend our family and some of our closest friends had a baby shower for Jim and I. Where and when wasn't a surprise but many of the details were. My only request was that my honey had to be a part of it. As unexciting as a baby shower might be for a daddy-to-be, this is going to be his first and last (with me at least!!)biological child and he has been so excited throughout the whole pregnancy. I wanted the shower to be as much about him as it was me. I don't know if he'll ever admit to enjoying the big pink poofy cloud that was our baby shower but you can be the judge.

He was beaming from ear to ear!! He even got his own special gift from my mother . . .

His own personal "Dirty Diaper Changing Survival Kit." Lord knows he's gonna need it!!

He'll really get a lot of use out of this especially since hubby admitted to me the other nite that he's NEVER changed a diaper before. I assure you, he'll be getting lots of practice when the baby arrives!! : )

Here are some of the special details that were a definite surprise . . .

My mother made this beautiful scrapbook with so many pretty pages inside.

There were lots of daisies everywhere. You can never have too many daisies!!

A baby picture of "Mommy to Be."

Another of the "Daddy to Be."

My INCREDIBLY TALENTED Sister-In-Law, Michelle, made this diaper cake for us.

I have never seen one of these up close before but, I must tell you, she put so much work and detail into this. I don't know where she found the time to make it with a four year old, a six month old and working full time. It truly meant a lot to us, Michelle and we love you!!

Here's Uncle Jimmy practicing his Daddy skills with our nephew (and Michelle's son), Jason.

Thank you to my sister Stephanie for having the shower at her house and to my sisters and sista/friend, Susan, for planning everything. And thanks to my mother and all of her wonderful little touches. I wanted to take so many more pictures but didn't get a chance to. It was the perfect day and Jim and I had a great time.
I can't forget to give a special thanks to my little helpers, Annie, Taylor, Andre and Sofia for handing us all of the heavy gifts. You were the best helpers anyone could've asked for!! XOXO
Many blessings ~ Wendy


nesting melly said...

oh wendy, i can't wait to meet little megan! you're so close! and all of that pretty pink stuff - you must love it after all of those boys:)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Look at that Nappy Cake! It is wonderful!!
It looks like you were spoilt and had a wonderful time1 Even dad has that 'pregnancy glow!!!"