A Lazy, Rainy Monday . . .

A perfect day for sleeping late . . .

Lounging around in bed . . .

And just plain ol' doing nothing at all.

It must be nice, huh?!!?

Here's wishing you a happy "lazy, rainy Monday."

My favorite kind of weather!! : )

Many blessings ~ Wendy


mimi said...

Hi Wendy,
It is a rainy Monday here too. Although the sun looks like it is trying to make an appearance. This is the kind of weather that makes my grass grow seemingly overnight. I hope you are doing well and feeling great. I guess it will not be long now :) I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little blessing. I hope you enjoy your lazy rainy Monday :)

nesting melly said...

hi wendy- yes, i love a rainy day. gives me an excuse to be lazy (a little). still have to work, food shop and cook though! savor these lazy days mama - back to babyworld for you very soon!!! can't wait to see pics. btw- we decided to not move to warwick. it would be dreamy but we'd be giving up so much. so we'll be around for a long time :)

Lynn Richards said...

Wendy, your comment on my post made me laugh out loud!!! Isn't it nice to not feel like we are in trouble with our mothers??!! What tattoo will you get after the baby is born????
How sweet and encouraging your words were to me about your in-laws and the respite they received. I struggle daily in this area, but thankfully, taking care of myself has gotten into my thick skull.
Doug and I were just talking last night as to why I really wanted my nose pierced. First I thought, just cause I CAN. Then I thought it signified that I feel different than most women in so many different ways, although I have found some beautiful, kindred spirits (such as yourself) by blogging.
Take good care of yourself in these last days of being pregnant...lots of pampering is in order, make sure you tell that to all the men in your house!!!
lots of love,

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Yes I could do that!
....But it won't happen around here!