Quite a Busy Weekend . . .

This weekend we celebrated not only Mothers' Day but another special day, as well.

Brendan celebrated his First Communion on Saturday. Can I tell you how handsome he looked?!!? When I was fixing his tie in the kitchen before we left for church, I said to him "Do you have any idea what a . . ." to which Brendan replied, "hunk I am?" I asked him how he knew I was going to say that to which he replied, "you always tell me I'm a hunk, Mom." I guess I do. And he certainly is!!

Here are a few pics of his special day.

Brendan and his Grandfather and friends.

Getting ready to leave for church with Dad and Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom also happened to be the birthday boy on Saturday!! : )

Brendan and his very proud Mom and Dad.

After church, we went to a wonderful restaurant called "Gilligan's." Brendan is a lover of seafood and chose lobster when we told him he could pick whatever he wanted for lunch.

I remember when I made my Communion many moons ago my choice was lobster, too. You know what they say about the apple falling from the tree!! : )

The face says it all!!!!!

Thankfully, my brother in law was sitting across from him and had the fun task of taking the lobster apart. He was rewarded handsomely with any lobster that was left over!!

I love the look on my niece, Taylor's, face!!

More pics tomorrow. Right now I have to get to my list of things to do before baby .

Six days and counting. Can I tell you I'm ready right now. I want my happy disposition and my ability to walk without crying due to sciatica back!!

You truly forget how difficult the end of pregnancy is when you wait so many years in between babies!!

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Cindy said...

How exciting! Congratulations Brendan! What a special day!

mimi said...

What a handsome, handsome boy you have. Congratulations to you all!!! Only six more days!!! wow! What an exciting time for you. I will be watching for updates--I can't wait to see pictures of your newest little blessing. By the way you look wonderful!! Glowing and so happy :) Glad you had such a special day

J from Ireland said...

Congratulations to your son on makinf his First Communion. Its that time of year again with all the Communions and Confirmations over here. Thankfully none of mine were this year but plenty of friends, nieces and nephews. Its costing me a fortune!!
Best wishes on getting ready for the baby.

Lynn Richards said...

Wendy, Your son is quite handsome, indeed!! So proud of himself! Tell him he wears a suit very well!! And congratulations!
YOU look fabulous!!!!!