The Final Countdown . . .

Today we had our last official pre-baby delivery doctor's visit. I'm happy to say that all is well. My blood pressure is up just a little bit but that's to be expected at almost 39 weeks pregnant. The doctor wasn't concerned and told us that we don't need to see them again until our scheduled c-section on Monday morning. My water broke three days before my scheduled section with the last baby so anything is possible.

So we're tying up some loose ends around here such as finishing up packing my suitcase, washing some last minute baby things in Dreft (I LOVE the smell of that stuff!!!), trying to get to the bottom of the regular laundry pile, making a list of people to contact when Baby V gets here and several other things. I still had a bunch of things left on my TO DO list when my water broke early the last time and we made it thru okay so I'm not worried.

My Honey has to work Friday and Saturday nite and then he's off for 11 days which works out perfectly. I don't think our room is going to be ready in time for the baby's homecoming but, as long as the paint doesn't smell anymore, I'll still be a happy girl.

Brendan and his friend, Tommy, after making their Communion. I just love this pic!!

Jim swears he'll have it done before we get home from the hospital. Knowing him, he'll come home after being with us all day at the hospital, get the boys situated and then work until the wee hours just so his two girls have a pretty room to come home to. That's my man!!!

Brendan, my nephew Danny and Jim on Mothers' Day.

I hope you like the pictures I've posted throughout. These are a few more of Brendan's Communion and some from Mother's Day. I look forward to posting new baby pics real soon!! : )

Many blessings ~ Wendy


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I hope you complete your list and soon are posting Bay girl pic's!
How exciting! It really makes me want to do it all over again!

Cindy said...

Praying for you and can't wait for those pictures!

JGH said...

I'm reading this on Sunday night. That means tomorrow is the big day!! Sending best wishes and hopes that you'll add "blog post about new bundle" your TO DO list!!

Gina said...

Good luck!
Good luck!
Good luck!