A Flowery Follow Me Friday . . .

I've been trying to post here all morning and this is the first time I've been able to even type. That little blue swirly thing keeps going around. It looks like it might be better now. I'm crossing my fingers because I love Follow Me Friday and blogger had a site-wide problem the last time I wanted to participate.

I recently went to our local Home Depot to look for a Mother's Day plant for my mom for Mother's Day and they always have lots of pretty hanging ones. It was a beautiful day and I brought along my camera.

Beautiful blue hydrangea. I can't wait until our hydrangea starts to bloom over the next couple of months. It starts off as white and then changes to different shades of pink as the weather gets colder at nite.

I love the color of these below. They would look great in my front window box against the pale yellow of the house.

I'm in love with these fuzzy daisies!!! I'm sure that's not what they're really called but that's exactly what they look like.

Next week, we're going back to make some purchases and, hopefully, the rain will stop long enough to do some planting. We didn't even bother going this past week due to the wet weather pattern we seem to be in lately. I happen to love the rain so my only complaint is that we haven't been able to do any planting yet. We have a family picnic planned to celebrate Megan's birthday on May 28th so we need to have the rain move out and the flowers move in. : )

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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BeachVintage.com said...

Hi Wendy, thanks for leaving the comment on my blog, it was nice to finally meet you! I love hydrangea's. Such a pretty flower. Hope to see you again soon. Simone