Searching for the Perfect Christmas Tree . . .

On Thursday nite we were faced with a dilemma. Do we get a tree first so Brendan could be a part of our search but then he'd miss going out to dinner afterwards due to basketball practice or do we eat first and then drop him off at practice and then go for a tree without him. OR . . . do we go out to dinner, drop him off at b'ball and wait until after school the next day to go for a tree?? We left it up to him. He chose to go to dinner and let us decide on the tree. I was a little sad that tradition was being broken but he was adamant that it was okay with him. I wanted to tell you that little story so you would know why he's not in any of the pics. : )

I really wanted one of those trees that looks like a giant Charlie Brown tree with the thinned out branches but we couldn't find anyone that sells them. My Grandmother had one every year and I absolutely loved it. We're bound and determined to cut our own tree next year so I'll have to do some research into who has them.

These two have a very special bond. It makes me smile. : )

Some beautiful handmade wreaths.

This looks like it could be the one!!

Unfortunately, the vintage Santa wasn't for sale. : (

Thank you for the snowman, Mr. Christmas Tree Man!!

I had to get a shot of the 1969 trailer that the tree salesmen used to bring some of their goods from Canada to New York. All it needs is a woman's touch and it would be perfect!!

Many blessings for a happy Tuesday ~ Wendy

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barefoot mama said...

How fun! Thank you for sharing this with us:) Hope you have a magical week! ~ Barefoot Mama