More Snapshots of Chinatown . . .

The "shopportunities" in Chinatown are endless!!  If you're in the mood for food there are fresh seafood markets,  produce markets, bakeries and more EVERYWHERE.


I came home with two lbs. of cherries, a bunch of Chinese pears, some delicious mangos and, of course, a bag full of Chinese pastries that my family devoured within a day and a half.  FYI ~ Chinese spongecake is the spongiest cake I've EVER eaten!!!!!!!!!!
The group of boys I chaperoned are my son, Brendan, Isaac, Tyreke and Nick.  Too cute!!!


After taking in a few more sights, we all went to lunch and then said goodbye to the kids as they headed for the bus. 

Retail therapy time for the moms!!  I bought the pink one!!

These gorgeous antique teapots make me wish I was a tea drinker!!
Thanks so much for sharing my fun time in Chinatown with me.  I'm looking forward to going back again real soon.  This time without 45 children in tow!!  : )

 Many blessings for a happy Thursday ~ Wendy


JGH said...

I haven't been down there in ages - looks like a blast!

Miss Guided said...

Love your pics Wendy! I actually had that turquoise tea set in the photo. Let's go for dim sum and bubble tea one of these days :)