Snapshots of Chinatown . . .

Yesterday, I helped chaparone a class trip to Chinatown in NYC with my youngest son, Brendan's, class.  It was a wonderful day and there were so many different sights and sounds and smells (oh, the smells!!) to take in.  I could've taken a million photos!! 


In the midst of all the Chinese culture is a Jewish Synagogue.  It was absolutely gorgeous.

The synagogue was located right next door to a small Buddhist temple.  The children got to ask questions about all of the different things they saw and I was very happy when I was told it was okay to take photos.  : )

This is a prayer flag outside of the temple.  Probably my favorite photo of the day.
This is the FDNY firehouse in Chinatown.  We were lucky enough to catch them coming back from a run!!


I loved seeing the stars and stripes in the midst of everything!!


Tomorrow I'll share more photos including some of the fantastic finds we discovered.  Happy Wednesday!!

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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