And so it begins . . .

It's the official start to summer around here and we now have an official 11th grader and 5th grader among us!!

Our 11th grader,    
Daddy and our 5th grader on a sweaty afternoon.

It's also the official start to all the neighborhood kids in our pool, not knowing how many people will be stopping by for dinner on any given night, endless sleepovers and visits to the local ice cream shop.

This is what happens when you run out of clean towels for the neighborhood kids.  They're forced to use your two year old daughter's bath towel.  : )

Megan and our neighbor Bernadette enjoying a snow cone on our front porch.  Don't you just love how perfectly Bernadette's shirt matches her snow cone??  LOL!!!
I'm so looking forward to taking lots of photos and making lots of memories this summer.  These days will be a distant memory before we know it. 

Many blessings for a memory-filled Thursday ~ Wendy

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JGH said...

Lotsa cute kids! We got rid of our pool this year and I do think I will miss the visits it inspired from the neighborhood kids. Have a good one - maybe we'll run into each other one of these days :)