A Day Trip . . .

Yesterday, Jim and I managed to get away for a few hours for some much needed "Jim and Wendy" time.  It seems like it's been nothing but us in the roles of "Mom and Dad" lately, which is an awesome thing.  Don't get me wrong.  However, I've always needed that "alone time" with myself and with my partner as well.  I truly think it makes us better parents when we put ourselves first once in a while.   And I'm so blessed to be married to someone that I actually would be friends with even if we weren't married.  I always tell Jim he's my FWB (Friend with Benefits).  WINK!! WINK!!  : )

I've been wanting to visit a little town called Cold Spring, NY.  I've been there several times but never with Jim and he'd never been there at all.  It's about a 50 minute drive from our house and it's so worth it.

We were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day!!  Bright sunshine, low humidity and in the mid 70's.  Jim took this photo as we crossed the Bear Mountain Bridge.  This flag is huge and they hang it from the span.  I felt the goosebumps come on as soon as I spotted it and I'm sure my husband did too!!

This sign was on a telephone pole next to where we parked.  Of course I had to get a photo of it!!!!  : )

Cold Spring is loaded with big, old houses with the most beautiful architecture.

I fell in love with this front door and the lace curtains.  There's something about lace curtains that I adore.  I think it stems from my visit to Ireland a few years back when I saw how many Irish windows were filled with them.  I ended up coming home with Irish lace and had it hanging in my windows for years.  I still have it and when we buy our new home I'm going to go back to using it.  So, so pretty!!

It seemed like everywhere you looked there were lush gardens and flower pots filled with the most brilliant flowers!! 

 After a wonderful lunch at Hudson Hil's Cafe, we walked around town and visited a few little antique shops.  There were so many beautiful things that I would've bought in a second if I was in buying mode but I've actually been in selling/purging mode.  However, it certainly doesn't hurt to look!!
I love jadite and the one antique shop we went to had the most beautiful pieces.  I fell in love with the bowl below.

And there was a huge selection of candy molds!!

My hubby found a bunch of old tools that reminded him of the ones he and his father used when he was growing up in  Tennessee.

I found this wonderful vintage pail that's used to keep fish in once they're caught.  I would've brought this home in a heartbeat if my father was still alive.  He was an avid fisherman and it would be the perfect Fathers' Day gift for him.  : (

Another one of my favorite finds of the day was this absolutely wonderful vintage wooden dollhouse.  It opened from the front as opposed to the newer ones that open from the back.  It had the perfect bones for creating the perfect dollhouse!!  The walls were bare and could be filled with vintage wallpaper.  The floors were bare and could be painted.  The shop owner was asking $100.00 for it and I knew it was negotiable.  The problem is that it's a pretty big piece and we don't really have the room for it right now.  Megan doesn't have her own room yet so it would just sit in the garage for a few years until we move.  I'm still so totally tempted to go back and get it!!!!!


A view of the Bear Mountain Bridge flag on our way home.

 It was a wonderful day and we look forward to going back again soon.  I think the next time I'd like to wander away from Main Street a little bit to see what else is going on around the town.  And to look at more of those gorgeous old houses!!!!

Many blessings for a happy and peaceful Saturday ~ Wendy

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