Happy 5th of July . . .

I hope everyone had a happy and safe July 4th.  My hubby had to work, my oldest son was at an all day picnic with his cronies, my youngest son has been at my sister's house since Saturday and my middle guy was in an out all day with his friends swimming and eating and eating and swimming.  I guess that's what 15/16 year olds do best in the summer because they did a great job finishing off an entire two dozen chocolate chip cookies that I baked.  Megan and I each got one and I salvaged one for Jim but that was about it.

This was pretty much the extent of our fireworks viewing this year.  Jim has strep throat and was feeling pretty crummy after working twelve hours so he came home and put his jammies on.  Trevor and his friends put on a display of bottle rockets, roman candles and bottle rockets for us in front of the house.

Our neighbor Chris got in on the action, too.  I know this looks like he's on fire but I assure you he's not!!  : )  I just happened to take the photo just as his bottle rocket was taking off.  Pretty cool stuff.  For the record, I'm scared of fireworks but there were adults around to make sure everything was done as safely as possible.  Not to mention, it only lasted for about 15 minutes.  LOL!!
Empty fireworks casings on our lawn.

Maybe someday we'll be able to celebrate THIS with fireworks.  : )

Many blessings for a wonderful Thursday ~ Wendy


Anairam said...

Looks like you had great fun. Happy (belated)4th of July!

Bella Michelle said...

Well, at least you saw some fireworks! We didn't go anywhere and just worked on our latest DIY project, spent some time in the pool then got wild and finished off the day watching Dallas! The 4th being on a Wednesday really was kind of awkward!