Next Time We're Headin' North Part II . . .

 On the second day of our trip we took the Metro into the National Mall in D.C.  The kids really enjoyed it and I couldn't help but think of the scenes in the movie Ghost when Patrick Swayze and the other ghost kept passing thru the subway cars.  : )

Poor Annie got hit in the eye while her brother and cousins were having a sword fight with the swords they bought the night before. 

When we came up out of the Metro station we saw the sign for the wonderful festival that was being held.  There were tents set up everywhere and lots of different activities and food. 
One of my favorite things to look at was all of the art work people were creating.  Everything from murals to graffiti.
This was phenomenal!!  I honestly didn't see the guy standing in front of this mural until after I took the photo.  The colors were so brilliant that I guess his shirt just kind of blended in with them!!  : )
In the background of the festival was the Washington Monument.  This is the first time I've seen it in person.  It looked so beautiful against the blue sky.

The Capitol Building in the distance.
 There's lots of walking and not a lot of shade while you're doing it.  And when it's hazy, hot, humid and over 100 degrees it's downright miserable!!  The kids were so good and never complained so we forged on to the Smithsonian to see the Air and Space Museum. 

The architecture of the buildings is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

The Air and Space Museum was a lot of fun for the kids.  Lots of interactive things for them to do. 

"One small step for man . . ."

This is the actual nose of a real plain.  It's HUGE!!!!!!!

 I really wanted to go to the other part of the museum where you could see the different movie and t.v. sets from the past.  In particular, I wanted to see Julia Child's kitchen.  It was just so darn hot that I didn't even care anymore.  We also decided that we'd head back to the hotel and go see the other monuments that we had planned on seeing the next day before we left to go home.  We did make a valiant effort to go the next morning but when the thermometer in the car showed 106 degrees I had to make an executive decision to throw in the towel.  The kids were disappointed but I think once Jim and I promised we'd bring them back in the cooler weather I think they were just as relieved as us to be heading home.  We did get to drive past the White House and the Pentagon which added a little excitement to things.  : )

On the way home, the temperature in the car was so hot and the traffic was horrible.  We traveled only about 12 miles in about an hour and a half.  Megan was crying and our clothes were soaked.  Jim got on the phone and found the nearest hotel with a pool.  The woman at the front desk took one look at Jim and gave us half price to stay when he told them our story and that we only needed to stay until the sun started to go down.  The kids all went swimming and I took a nap and then we ordered room service and got back on the road.  Believe it or not, it was lots of fun being stuck in a hotel room all together.  The a/c was cranking and our bellies were full and Megan was happy and we knew we were finally heading back to New York!!!!! 

I did take lots more photos and I'll share more of them tomorrow on "Wordless Wednesday."  : )

Many blessings for a wonderful Tuesday ~ Wendy

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