this morning . . .

I woke up at 5:30 this morning.  I truly didn't want to wake up that early but I just did.  I toyed with the idea of falling back to sleep but my bladder got the better of me.  Four kids and middle age will do that to ya!! : )

As I walked into the kitchen I thought about how the day might go.  I thought about how quiet the house was.  Not a common occurrence around here.  I thought about how long the strike at my husband's company was going to go on.  I thought about another day of seeing him for only about an hour out of 24 and feeling a little resentment starting to build up.

 I thought about how I have to focus on the gratitude I have for him being able to work these extra hours so that we can now afford to have someone come in and finish all of the unfinished projects around the house.  The unfinished projects that linger due to lack of time or money to finish them but that need to get done in order for us to follow thru with our plan to sell this house in the next two years. 

 I looked out the window and noticed how big our pears are getting on our little pear tree.  They usually don't make it to this size due to the squirrels' love for them.  Jim and Megan shared one the other morning and Megan loved it. 

 I threw some multi-grain bread out the window and within minutes there were squirrels and birds enjoying an early morning feast.  I grabbed my camera and starting shooting out the window.  The blue jays weren't too thrilled but my two squirrel friends didn't seem to mind.  I know squirrels are a dime a dozen but I love them and their different personalities!!

 I looked at how calm and peaceful the pool was, knowing in a few short hours that would definitely be changing.  Especially since valuable swimming time was lost due to thunder storms all day yesterday. 

 I noticed how quickly the hydrangea is really starting to bloom.  Our property is lined with about 20 hydrangea bushes and every year we look forward to seeing those first signs of things to come!!

 This chubby guy has been living in our backyard since we bought our shed 11 years ago.  He was full grown then so he's got to be at least 13 or 14.  He lives under our shed and irritates the dogs but, other then that, he doesn't bother us at all.  : )

 I could tell this little guy was still a baby.  Probably born late spring.  He still had his lighter colored feathers and that inquisitive "baby" look in his eyes.  He landed on the patio right on a piece of bread and sort of just looked around for a few minutes before starting to eat.  I thought I was going to scare him away with the clicks of the camera but he kind of just looked at me and was taking it all in. 

 I feel like I haven't been taking enough photos lately so I really enjoyed having the impromptu photo shoot this morning.  I feel more grounded and filled with gratitude then I did when I woke up.  I really needed this.  : )

Many blessings for a day filled with an "Attitude of Gratitude"  ~ Wendy


Mary said...

Those are beautiful pictures!

Gina said...

Lovely, lovely photos!