From Where I Sit . . .

I thought I'd take a break from This Moment this week and try something new.  Yesterday, as I sat in the backyard and watched my daughter playing in the sandbox, I started to take photos from where I was sitting.  I shot in every direction and was pleasantly surprised by some of the things I saw that I wouldn't have seen had I not been looking thru my camera lens. 

Look closely . . .  what do you see??  That was my pleasant surprise!!  : )

There were signs of summer days beginning to wind down, summer fun still in full swing and projects in the works.  And that beautiful butterfly made me smile.  : )  Some of my happiest summer moments have come when I had my camera in hand and really had my eyes open to all of the joy and beauty and goodness that surrounds me.

Many blessings for a weekend filled with joy, beauty and goodness ~ Wendy


Pink Ronnie said...

What a wonderful idea!
Ronnie xo
p.s. We have the same big bucket of chalk!!!

Cheltz said...

Great idea and some wonderful photos! Life is beautiful, isn't it?