A Pink Eye and a Pink Room . . .

I've been pretty much thrown for a loop with viral conjunctivitis (aka "pink eye") this week.  It's like your regular run of the mill pink eye ~ itching, burning, oozing, watery and annoying ~ except, being that it's of the viral persuasion, medicine won't help it.  It has to run its course of seven (YES, SEVEN!!) days of all that and more (stabbing, can't open my eye pain) before it will finally start to feel better.  Tomorrow is the seventh day and I think it's just starting to get better today.  I'm able to keep it open for longer periods of time and I was even able to put my eye to my camera which is something I haven't done in a few days and haven't even missed doing.  That is how I KNOW something is wrong!!  : )

I thought I'd spare you a photo of my eye but I wanted to show you some photos of Megan helping her Daddy paint her new room.  I'm not 100 percent sold on the color yet but I think with the white trim, white curtains and white furniture it should be okay. 

Lots of hard work has been put into this new room of hers.  I can't wait to post photos of the finished product!! 

Many blessings for a happy Saturday ~ Wendy

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Gina said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to some photos of the finished room in 2013!