Profound Sadness . . .

Photo by Wendy McDonagh-Valentine.

Our weekend was filled with lots of activities that all centered around our children.  Basketball and a birthday sleep over.  Baking cupcakes and the beginnings of decorating our tree with my girl while everyone else was seeing The Hobbitt.  Making memories that will last a lifetime while the families of those beautiful victims of the Newtown, CT tragedy are making the heartbreaking plans for laying their loved ones to rest.  As I type this, I literally feel sick to my stomach for all that these families are facing during this holiday season and for every holiday season, birthday, milestone, etc. to come.  Forever changed.  As it was on September 11th, 2001, the enormity is just too much to even comprehend.  We've been avoiding the news reports with the exception of watching 20/20 on Friday night.  After seeing and hearing how the reporters were asking the youngsters of Sandy Hook Elementary for details of what they saw and how they felt I wanted nothing to do with the way the media was handling this.  I was, however, comforted by Chris Cuomo's emotion as a father and fellow human being as he covered the story for 20/20.

As the images of God's newest angels start to emerge, I hope we can all remember that there is still so much beauty and love to be found in this world.  I'm saying this for myself as much as for anyone else.  May the family and friends of all those lost find peace in their hearts.  May they feel the power of prayers being said for them and may they feel the presence of their loved ones all around them because they are undoubtedly still here, wrapped in God's arms.

Many blessings to you ~ Wendy


Life in a Small Town said...

Even in tragedy, life does go on. As that school erupted in chaos, one of my school's first graders (the same age as those children) were performing "The Polar Express" for their parents.

JGH said...

Amen. Feeling much the same these days.