Our Weekend . . .

 This weekend we spent lots of time with family and friends.  On Saturday night, after Brendan's basketball game, we visited with our friends Dave and Cathy.  We met them a couple of years ago when we became a host family for the Fresh Air Fund.  Dave is the coordinator for the families in the county we live in.  He and Cathy are two of the warmest, most wonderful people you could meet and we feel so blessed to have them in our lives.
Dave and Cathy with Megan. 
Their Christmas tree looks like it belongs in a department store window!!
Cathy has lots of adorable little Christmas touches all throughout the house including the stocking above with the three little handmade mice.

Brendan keeping the bench warm with two of his team mates that were injured from last week's game. 

I also started my 7th (can't believe I'm even typing that!!) month of a Photo-a-day Challenge that I found on Fatmumslim's blog back in June.  If you love to take photos and to look at the photos of others this is the perfect challenge for you!!  There are amateurs right on up to professionals that participate and it really has been so much fun.  I've never stuck with a challenge this long before so you know it must be a good one!!  : )  If you'd like to check out any of my photos, you can find them on Flickr.  My user name is wendy0112. 

I used this photo of Buddha in my garden for December 2nd's photo.

 And to top off our weekend, we had two of our neighborhood girls knock on our door to sing Christmas carols for us.  They were so brave to do this and they did a wonderful job, too!!!  : )

And very stylish too, I might add!!!!!  : )

Many blessings for a happy day ~ Wendy

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Michelle said...

That is so wonderful that you are a host family for the Fresh Air Fund!! I participated in that as a child (grew up in Lynn, MA, an "inner city" just north of Boston) and it changed my life forever. I always promised that someday when I grew up and lived in the country, I would host a child too. We're finally here, and probably in summer of 2014 (once our house is done, and our boys are a little older) we'll do just that.

Kudos to you for participating in that wonderful program!!

PS You're right, that tree is beautiful:-)