Some Winter Favorites . . .

I've taken so many photos this winter but shared very few on my blog. FIRST, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season THEN a severe eye infection that lasted for a couple of weeks FOLLOWED BY a killer toothache that put me into an anxiety-ridden place that I'm just now coming out of.

In hindsight, both illnesses have made me grow as a person.  I'm learning how to deal with stress and anxiety without the veil of medication that I took for almost eight years and recently weaned myself off of (with the help of my doctor).  I told my sister yesterday that I'm apparently not as calm, cool and collected as I thought I was.  : )    My homeopath told me that I'm re-processing things from the last eight years that I processed in a totally different way while on the meds.  This includes the sudden loss of my first husband and then sudden loss of my father less than a year later.  This also includes the diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer that my youngest sister received almost five years ago.  By the grace of God (and with lots of Guardian Angels looking out for her) she has been cancer free for more than five years.  Amazing Grace!!

I know squirrels are a dime a dozen but I never get tired of taking photos of them, most of which are taken right out of my dining room window. 
I swear he's posing for me!!  LOL!!  : )

My camera has been my saving grace these last couple of months.  I've captured photos of my daughter discovering snow for what really is her first time since last winter we only had a freak storm in October. 

Oh, that face!!!!!

My camera and I got out of the house and back in touch with nature when I felt a little disconnected this winter.  I wouldn't call it cabin fever. Truth is, I love to be at home tinkering around but I've also made it a point to enjoy the light this winter.

Light is truly a photographer's best friend and very hard to come by this time of year.

Living across from a state park is like visiting a photographic candy store every day.  Always some new goodies to partake of!!  : )

I'm thinking I'll share more tomorrow.  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Presidents' Day ~ Wendy


weewhimsicals said...

So many major events in a short period of time ~ any one alone would induce stress and anxiety, yet your plate was full with many. Sending you long distance hugs and prayers for continued healing. And God's grace to continue carrying you along your journey. Your photos are lovely ~ a breath of fresh air this wintery day! ~ Paula

Gina said...

You really have had a run of bad luck health wise. I hope that you are feeling back on the mend now. I love the squirrel photos. They are not a dime a dozen here in Australia!