Are You a Little Shy, Mommy? . . .

Last week, our adorable neighbor Ryan (who happens to be an Olympic hopeful in gymnastics for the next summer Olympics!!) invited Megan and I to a party in her Childhood Development class.

Meg and Ryan decorating cookies together.
The girls were learning about early development and were asked to invite babies and toddlers that they knew so that they could be observed while participating in the different activities that were set up for them.  My friend Wendy happens to be the teacher of this class (let's hear it for small town living!!) and I haven't seen her for a while so that was an added incentive to get up and out of the house so early in the morning.  : )

Meggie got to make a macaroni necklace and seemed to be enjoying herself but she was also very quiet and didn't smile that room brightening smile of hers.  Sometimes she takes a little while to warm up to her surroundings when there's a lot of commotion going on but something was definitely a little "off" with her that morning.

I remember hearing people ask her if she was feeling "a little shy."  I heard it a few times, actually.

Meg is still talking about the chocolate cookie she decorated!!  Or as she says, "Chawkit cookie."  : )

Meggie's flower pot and sad face.  : (

My friend Wendy who's a teacher at my alma mater, Nyack High School.

By late afternoon, Megan had a fever and pretty much spent the rest of the day curled up on my lap.  Thankfully, the fever went just as quickly as it came and by the next day it was gone and she was back to her smiley self and asking for her "chawkit" cookie.  She also said to me a couple of times, "are you a little shy, Mommy?"  I had never heard her use the word "shy" before and was wondering how she would know to say that.  Then it dawned on me that she had heard that numerous times at the party.  It really makes you realize just how important it is to watch how we label our children.  Not that there's anything wrong with being shy but substitute that word with something else.  Lazy.  Useless.  Fat.  Stupid.  Those tapes that we play back over and over again in our own minds more than likely came from someone's opinion of us long ago.  Just a little food for thought.  : )

Many blessings for a very happy Tuesday that is filled with nothing but positive thoughts ~ Wendy

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